We can disguise the signs of aging on our skin and our hair, but our hands can give our age away as they lose the layer of fat on their backs and production of collagen slows down, leaving the tendons and veins showing though the skin. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we use Radiesse fillers to make the skin appear plumper and more lifted as one of our anti-aging treatments.

Radiesse is one of the best dermal fillers available and consists of tiny beads of calcium hydroxylapatite in a sterile gel which forms a cushion under the skin. It is injected as a ball into the backs of your hands and massaged to shape it. This pads out the skin slightly so it is lifted away from the tendons and veins and the skin’s volume is restored. You may notice some swelling for a couple of days and we may recommend a top-up treatment after 2 to 4 weeks from your initial session to obtain your desired results. The procedure is non-invasive, does not require general anaesthetic and after the procedure you are free to go about your day as there is no recovery time required.

The results last around 12 months so are long lasting but not permanent so you can have the treatment repeated if you are happy with the results. Prior to your treatment you will have a free consultation where we will discuss your desired results and plan a bespoke treatment plan for you.

If you would like to book your free appointment or would like to know more about this treatment, please contact us today and speak to a member of our team.

Radiesse-hand rejuv

Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse Fillers

Around 10% of the population suffer from bruxism, more commonly known a tooth grinding, and this often goes unnoticed as it happens mainly at night. As well as damaging the surface an enamel of the teeth, bruxism can lead to over-developed jaw muscles, so faces can appear squarer and less feminine.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we can remedy this with the use of Botulinum toxin injections to gradually reduce the amount of unwanted movement in the jaw and therefore reduce the size of the muscle. Botulinum toxin effectively freezes muscles by blocking nerve impulses so is most commonly used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. We inject small amounts of this into the Massester muscle in the corners of the jaw and within 1 to 2 weeks you will start to notice that you are grinding your teeth less. Initially you may find chewing food tiring but this will quickly subside and within 3 spaced out treatments you will notice visible results.

We will outline a bespoke treatment plan for you to obtain your desired results and will discuss follow-up treatments. Whilst the results are long-lasting, they are not permanent and the treatment does not require any invasive procedures or recovery time.

If you would like to know more about our botulinum toxin injections for jaw reduction or any of our treatments, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.


Jaw Reduction Without Surgery