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Natural Looking Anti-Aging Injections.

Published on: March 3, 2016

Not that long ago Botulinum toxin injections had a bad reputation for looking false and giving a frozen, emotionless expression but can you actually get the wrinkle busting effects from these anti-aging injections whilst looking natural? At the London Cosmetic Clinic we have proven that you can!

At our Knightsbridge-based clinic we focus on making you look like the best possible version of yourself so we work with your natural features to achieve the best results. Our practitioners have several years of experience on over a thousand patients administering anti-aging injections so know how to utilise it to get great results that boosts the patient’s appearance without looking false or too ‘done’.

During your consultation we will carefully analyse your face, focussing on any ‘trouble zones’ that make you feel self-conscious and determine what results are achievable. We also ask you to pull several different expressions so that we can see how your muscles move naturally and which motions are causing the skin to wrinkle; this is key to making sure we use the right amount of the Botulinum toxin and getting it precisely in the right areas. As it works by stopping the nerve impulses moving the muscles, the less the muscles move, the less they can cause the skin to wrinkle. We have found that using small amounts placed in a precise manner helps to get great results without making patients look too ‘done’. You may not see a noticeable difference straight after the treatment but over a couple of weeks you should start to see an improvement.

We use only the best quality ingredients and our practitioners have years of training and experience so you know that you are in good hands. You will look more youthful and relaxed without looking like a waxwork model!