Port Wine Stains

The London Cosmetic Clinic in Knightsbridge, London offers a variety of specialised Laser and SWT/I2PL vascular and skin treatments. We use the Ellipse Nordlys System- the most versatile and effective platform system on the market.
A port wine stain is a persistent dark red to purple congenital vascular malformation, which is a superficial, noncancerous growth that forms due to an abnormal collection of blood vessels. In a simpler form, a red or purple birthmark.

Port wine stains occur in about 3 out of 1000 people. Usually present from birth, the port wine stain occurs as a birthmark that generally grows on the face but can appear anywhere on the body. They persist throughout life and the area of skin directly affected grows in proportion to general growth. Port wines stains affect both male and females equally and have found not to be hereditary.

What causes a Port Wine Stain?

The most tentative explanation for the development of a Port Wine Stain is the lack of or absence of surrounding nerve impulses regulating blood flow throughout the capillary network. As a result the blood vessels and capillaries are unable to constrict and remain permanently dilated allowing blood to stagnate in the affected area.

What happens if I leave it untreated?

In some cases, If left untreated, a Port Wine Stain can results in both physical and psychological trauma.
Physical: due to the increased tissue mass as a port wine stain/affected patient ages as well as increased vascular nodule development, the affected PWS is more susceptible to bleeding or haemorrhaging and facial features can be distorted.
Psychological: if the PWS is on the face or other highly visible part of the body, its presence can also cause emotional and social problems for the affected patient.

How does Ellipse treatment work?

Short, safe bursts of light are directed at the skin. These may be visible Intense Pulsed Light (called I2PL technology by Ellipse) or from a laser, depending on the type of Port Wine Stain you want treated. The system filters the light to ensure the wavelengths used are absorbed by haemoglobin in the blood in your problem vessels. The light is converted to heat, which destroys the protein in the wall of the vessels, causing the vessels to gradually disappear after treatment. To ensure the best light transmission, a thin layer of gel (like that used in ultrasound examinations) is applied to your skin before treatment.

How long does an Ellipse treatment take?

The treatment time depends on the area to be covered and the number of distinct vessels to be treated. A single session typically lasts 15-30 minutes.

Do I need to take special precautions before and after treatment?

  • It is, important to avoid tanning (sun, solarium or self-tanning products) before and during the treatment period. Otherwise your tanned skin will absorb more light, which makes treatment less effective and less comfortable.
  • It is also a good idea to avoid smoking in the 4 hours prior to treatment. Generally, no special care is necessary after treatment, but people with sensitive skin may benefit from applying a cold compress (a cold damp cloth) to the area immediately after treatment or from using an ointment prescribed by the doctor.
  • After treatment, you should avoid sun exposure for 30 days, even if there is no sign of inflammation in the treated area.
  • Use sun protection (minimum SPF 30) if sun exposure cannot be avoided.

How many Ellipse treatments do I need?

The number of treatments depends on location and number of the vessels to be treated. Generally it ranges between 4-10 treatments.

Does the treatment hurt?

No anaesthetics are required, and many patients describe the treatment as being like a snap from a rubber band followed by a sensation similar to the feeling of gentle sunburn.

What is the treatment price?

We offer complimentary consultations and patch tests to our patients. Prices are always confirmed prior to your treatments. Generally prices start from £150.

How can I be sure Ellipse is safe and effective?

Clinical trials documenting Ellipse’s safety and effectiveness were carried out by leading doctors prior to the launch of the treatments, and these were published in respected, referenced medical journals. You are welcome to view these scientific papers on the Ellipse website at www.ellipse.com.

Why have Treatments at The London Cosmetic Clinic?

1. SPECIALIST THERAPIST: Our independent Specialist IPL/ Laser hair removal therapist is dedicated to providing personalized, esthetic treatments to address a wide range of skin care issues for the face and body. With over 8 years experience as senior therapist at the Ellipse flagship clinic in Knightsbridge, her knowledge expands from training, demonstrations of the equipment to medically assisted treatments on the Ellipse Machines. Our therapist has refined her ability to deliver safe and ethical treatments which reflects in her standards of clinical excellence.

2. SERVICE & CARE: We pride ourselves on patient care and experience, therefore, our experienced team will ensure that your visit and treatment is as informative, comfortable and professional as possible

3. CLINIC LOCATION: The treatment is carried out at our clinic in the heart of vibrant Knightsbridge. We are based a 5 minute walk from Knightsbridge tube station

4. HIGH PATIENT SATISFACTION: Our patients are very happy with their results resulting in many returning to have additional areas. We also have many that recommend friends and family to the clinic

5. PREMIUM MEDICATION : We use only premium and FDA approved products for the treatment

6. We are CARE QUALITY COMMISSION (CQC) registered and a SAFE FACE approved & regulated clinic. This ensures that we carry out treatments, hygiene and patient care to the highest of standards.