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Regaining your Looks and Confidence with Micropigmentation

When one mentions micropigmentation you may automatically think of semi-permanent lipliner and eyebrow tattoos but it can also be used on a more medical level to help restor

    e looks and revive confidence after surgery or scarring.

    At the London Cosmetic Clinic we pride ourselves on our ability to create-looking results and treat every patient with care and sensitivity. Our medical micropigmentation can be used to camouflage scarring and vitiligo patches providing the scar is at least a year old and we carefully match the pigments use to your skin colour for a natural, seamless effect. Some scarring can stop facial hair from growing, for example scars running across eyebrows or, for men, around the chin and upper lip so we use a hair simulation technique to mimic missing follicles and make the area look flawless.

    Another type of medical micropigmentation we provide is areola tattooing for those who have undergone surgeries such as mastectomies. This procedure can be a very emotional one so we treat all of our patients with care and sensitivity. We create a 3D effect to restore damaged or lost areolas and nipples so you can regain your confidence and sense of self.

    Depending on the size, area and type of micropigmentation you may require more than one session. At your consultation we will discuss how many sessions you will need for your desired results.