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Skin Rejuvenation with the Obagi Nu Derm System

Even with regular exfoliation and a good skincare regime, sometimes our skin needs extra refreshing to help it look smooth, fresh and supple which can be achieved with a medium-level chemical peel. Whilst superficial peels can be conducted with the use of retinol A and mild natural acids, we can give more radical results with the Obagi skincare system. The Obagi system rejuvenates skin and can reduce hyperpigmentation as well as reversing the signs of premature aging and UV damage.

Developed by dermatologist Dr.Zein Obagi, the Obagi Nu Derm system is a carefully balanced mixture of chemicals that encourage the skin to shed several of its outermost layers to reveal fresh, new skin underneath. There are imitation products on the internet but as it is prescription strength it is important that it is supplied and applied by a licensed professional such as our practitioner.

Before treatment begins you have a free consultation to assess the condition of your skin and your desired results. Due to the nature of the treatment your skin will be more vulnerable to UV damage so it is crucial that you use an SPF of at least 35 following it. For about 6 to 8 weeks your skin will shed its top layers and reveal fresh, new skin which is more even, smoother and more supple.

To find out more about the Obagi Skincare system or to book your free consultation, contact us today.