At the London Cosmetic Clinic in Knightsbridge, our highly qualified cosmetic doctor has over ten years of experience and has treated thousands of our clients with Botulinum toxin injections. As well as using this to fight wrinkles, we can also use it to fix minor complaints and imperfections, including a gummy-looking smile.

If you show more gum than you’d like to when you smile, it is because the muscles in your mouth are elevating too much so the top gum is exposed and the upper lip appears thinner, often because the muscle is hyperactive. This can make your face look slightly out of proportion, can make your upper teeth look too short and can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. As with all of our treatments, we give you a free consultation where we will explore the possible results and assess your smile. Our cosmetic doctor will apply a topical numbing agent before injecting small amounts of Botulinum toxin around your mouth. This blocks some of the nerve signals in the muscle so that they move less and therefore don’t extend as much over your teeth and you should start to see the effects within 3 to 4 days.

This treatment lasts around 4 to 6 months and then you can decide if you would like a top-up treatment. We also discuss after-care during your treatment to make sure that you get the best possible results and avoid infection. If you would like to know more about Botulinum toxin as a muscle relaxant or any of our other treatments, please call us today and speak to a member of our team.

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Minimising a Gummy Smile

When we think of Botulinum toxin injections, we often think of smoothing out wrinkles on our face, but it can actually have a lot of other functions, including helping us treat excessive sweating. When the weather gets warmer, excess sweating can make people feel uncomfortable and limit the clothing and activities that they enjoy.

Botulinum toxin injections is a very effective treatment for excessive sweating that FDA approved , the treatment stops excess sweating by blocking the chemical signals sent to the sweat glands; if they don’t receive the message to produce sweat, then they don’t produce any. The procedure is relatively quick and is non-invasive but we can apply a topical numbing agent to minimise any discomfort. As well as being used under the arms, we can use this treatment on the hands, feet, forehead and the scalp. Once we have administered the Botulinum toxin into the area you would like treated, you are free to go home but we advise not to rub the area for about 4 hours post-treatment and avoid excessive exercise for 24 hours post-treatment. You will start to notice the difference after 1 to 2 weeks and the effects will last for around 6 months. We recommend that you visit us for a top-up treatment.

Our anti-sweat injections are a fast and effective way of making you feel cool and fresh during the warmer months and giving you a confidence. You no longer have to worry about unpleasant odours in your shoes, sweaty palms when you shake people’s hands or unsightly sweat patches on your clothes.

To find out more about our treatments or to book a free consultation, contact us today and speak to a member of the team.


Botulinum Toxin Injections to Stop Sweating

Around 10% of the population suffer from bruxism, more commonly known a tooth grinding, and this often goes unnoticed as it happens mainly at night. As well as damaging the surface an enamel of the teeth, bruxism can lead to over-developed jaw muscles, so faces can appear squarer and less feminine.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we can remedy this with the use of Botulinum toxin injections to gradually reduce the amount of unwanted movement in the jaw and therefore reduce the size of the muscle. Botulinum toxin effectively freezes muscles by blocking nerve impulses so is most commonly used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. We inject small amounts of this into the Massester muscle in the corners of the jaw and within 1 to 2 weeks you will start to notice that you are grinding your teeth less. Initially you may find chewing food tiring but this will quickly subside and within 3 spaced out treatments you will notice visible results.

We will outline a bespoke treatment plan for you to obtain your desired results and will discuss follow-up treatments. Whilst the results are long-lasting, they are not permanent and the treatment does not require any invasive procedures or recovery time.

If you would like to know more about our botulinum toxin injections for jaw reduction or any of our treatments, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.


Jaw Reduction Without Surgery
Botulinum Toxin for Excess Sweating

This summer is set to be one of the hottest on record but, whilst most of us enjoy getting extra sunshine and a bit of a tan, for those who experience excess sweating hot weather can be inconvenient and embarrassing. At The London Cosmetic Clinic our Botulinum Toxin practitioner can help stop sweating from the forehead, palms, feet and armpits, giving people the freedom to shake hands, exercise and wear whatever they want without worrying about smells and dampness.

Botulinum toxin injections work by blocking chemical signals to the nerves in the muscles. In the case of sweating, this stops sending the message telling the body to produce sweat. The procedure only takes 20 to 25 minutes and we advise you not to touch or rub the skin straight afterwards and to avoid exercise for 24 hours. You will start to notice the effects of the treatment after 1-2 weeks and you should stay sweat-free for about 6 months, after which time you will gradually start sweating again unless you have a top-up treatment.

Controlling your sweating means that you don’t need to carry around spare tops or spend a fortune on antiperspirants only to have to keep reapplying them and can make you feel more confident. To find out more about this or any of our other treatments, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.


Botulinum Toxin for Excess Sweating
Eyebrow Lifting

Even with cleverly applied makeup, our eyes can really give away our age, especially if the eyebrows have begun to droop. At the London Cosmetic Clinic, we have two treatment options to lift your eyebrows and make your eyes look youthful without a false, frozen look.

The first treatment option is Botulinum toxin injection to relax the muscles that pull your browns down and enhance the function of the muscle that pull your browns up. This is a minimal invasive treatment involving a series of small needle injections. Your skin may appear swollen or slightly red after the treatment for 10 mins but this will subside and we simply advise that you try not to rub at the area whilst it is healing. The final result is wide awake eyes with lifted brows that still have character and expression.The treatment lasts between four to six months and you can choose to have a top-up treatment after four months if you so wish. We only use top quality products and our practitioners have years of experience.

The second treatment option is the PDO thread lift which involves the injection of absorbable thread under your skin to lift the eyebrow. An injection of anaesthetic prior the treatment will help reduce discomfort. The result is immediate with some down time of 2-3 days swelling and bruising. The result generally lasts up to 2 years.

To find out more about our eyebrow lifting Botulinum toxin injections and PDO thread facelifts, or to arrange a free consultation, please feel free to contact us.


Eyebrow Lifting
Natural Looking Anti-Aging Injections.

Not that long ago Botulinum toxin injections had a bad reputation for looking false and giving a frozen, emotionless expression but can you actually get the wrinkle busting effects from these anti-aging injections whilst looking natural? At the London Cosmetic Clinic we have proven that you can!

At our Knightsbridge-based clinic we focus on making you look like the best possible version of yourself so we work with your natural features to achieve the best results. Our practitioners have several years of experience on over a thousand patients administering anti-aging injections so know how to utilise it to get great results that boosts the patient’s appearance without looking false or too ‘done’.

During your consultation we will carefully analyse your face, focussing on any ‘trouble zones’ that make you feel self-conscious and determine what results are achievable. We also ask you to pull several different expressions so that we can see how your muscles move naturally and which motions are causing the skin to wrinkle; this is key to making sure we use the right amount of the Botulinum toxin and getting it precisely in the right areas. As it works by stopping the nerve impulses moving the muscles, the less the muscles move, the less they can cause the skin to wrinkle. We have found that using small amounts placed in a precise manner helps to get great results without making patients look too ‘done’. You may not see a noticeable difference straight after the treatment but over a couple of weeks you should start to see an improvement.

We use only the best quality ingredients and our practitioners have years of training and experience so you know that you are in good hands. You will look more youthful and relaxed without looking like a waxwork model!



Natural Looking Anti-Aging Injections.

One of the first things that people notice about another person’s face is their smile so it is really important that you feel happy and confident with your smile however there are some things that can prevent people from being happy with their smile. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we can alter and improve the appearance of your smile with the use of non-invasive treatments such as Botulinum toxin injections.

Some people find that their upper lip lifts up too high when they smile, showing too much of the gum line and making them feel self-conscious about their smile. This is caused by the muscles in the upper lip working too hard and over-extending so we use small, carefully positioned injections of Botulinum toxin to block the nerve impulses and therefore stop the muscles from lifting the lip too much whilst still allowing you to smile.

Sometimes people avoid smiling in photos because they don’t like the shape of their face when they smile, often due to overdeveloped jaw muscles which can make women’s face look less feminine and out of proportion. In these cases we can also use a course of Botulinum toxin injections so the muscles are used less and over time start to naturally reduce in size. We also offer a range of dermal fillers that can plump out wrinkles so you can smile with confidence instead of worrying about looking older.

Before any treatments we take you through a very thorough consultation to determine the best course of action for you. In order to keep your final results as natural looking as possible, we will ask you to go through a series of expressions at your consultation and work with your features and face shape. As these treatments are not permanent, you can choose to have the treatment redone if you wish or have a top-up treatment to alter the final result if need be.

To find out more about any of our treatments please feel free to browse our website or contact us on 0203 5813391 to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team.


Transforming Your Smile

Summer is here and that means revealing clothes, sunny holidays and weddings so, understandably, you’re more likely to consider cosmetic treatments to ensure that you look good for special occasions and to boost your confidence. Most treatments require some recovery time for your skin afterwards and may take a few days to see results so you need to consider this when deciding what treatments to have done.

For example, many people choose to have Botox injections before weddings and other big celebrations to smooth out fine lines so that they look their best in photographs as well as injections for excess sweating so they do not ruin their outfits or makeup but you shouldn’t wait until the day before to get them done. Botox injections take 2-3 days to start to work and around 7-10 days to see the full effect so you need to plan ahead to make sure your skin looks fantastic for the big day. Likewise, semi-permanent makeup is great for holidays as you don’t have to worry about your makeup smudging in the hot weather or running in the pool as well as not having to pack as much makeup with you. It does however require a few days’ healing time as well as 1-2 weeks for the pigment to settle down to its final colour so shouldn’t be left to the last minute before you jet off!

As well as just timing your treatment so that you get the best final results in time for a special occasion, certain skin rejuvenation treatments such as IPL skin rejuvenation and chemical skin peels can leave the skin more vulnerable to UV damage whilst it recovers and heals itself. If you do go sunbathing or get too much sun exposure straight after a treatment it can make your tan come out patchy and give you uneven pigmentation. It is always recommended that you use a high SPF sunscreen after these kind of treatments and this is good practice to keep up after your skin has fully healed so that you don’t run the risk of prematurely aged skin.

When you have your consultation you should let your practitioner know if you are about to go on holiday or if you are having the treatment done in preparation for a special event so that they can advise you on scheduling it to get the best final results in time as well as your post-treatment care. Make this summer your most beautiful ever!


What Treatments Can I Have During Summer?

Sweating is a completely normal function that helps the body regulate its temperature but some of us find that we are excessively sweating to the point that it can be embarrassing. This can be caused by various factors such as hyperthyroidism, certain medications, menopause or simply genetics.

If you feel excessively sweaty and antiperspirants just aren’t cutting it, help is at hand in the form of Botox injections.  Often associated with getting rid of wrinkles, Botox is a protein derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria and is a neurotoxin, so it stops nerve activity. When injected into areas with a high concentration of sweat glands such as the armpits, soles of the feet, forehead or palms, it stops the glands from producing and releasing sweat.

Having Botox injections can be slightly painful but a numbing agent is applied to the area you are having treated. Whether you are male or female, you should shave your armpits before having Botox injected there. It’ll take about 1-2 weeks for the treatment to take effect and it will then last for just over 6 months. During this time, sweat isn’t produced by the glands in the treated area and you can then decide whether or not you would like the treatment repeated. If you don’t have the treatment redone, the areas will gradually start to sweat as they did previously.

The treatment takes around 15 to 20 minutes after which you should avoid rubbing the treated area and avoid exercise for 24 hours after. Being sweat-free helps you feel comfortable and confident, especially as the weather gets warmer. You don’t have to worry about clammy hands when you meet people and can wear t-shirts without worrying about sweat and deodorant stains. If you are concerned about excess sweating, contact us today for a consultation.



Controlling Excess Sweating with Botox

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures throughout the world is Botox injections; they’re non-invasive, start to give results within 72 hours, don’t require recovery time after being administered and are temporary so you can decide if you want the treatment redone once the effects fade or not.

Botox is made from the neurotoxin botulinum toxin dissolved in a saline solution. Whilst the prospect of having a poison injected into your face may seem scary, the injections are very safe when administered by a professional and side effects and adverse reactions are very rare. The Botox relaxes the muscle tissue meaning that visible lines caused on the skin from excess muscle movement, for example from frowning, are smoothed out and the skin appears more youthful and toned.

Before the procedure takes place, you will be assessed for suitability. Botox is suitable for the majority of skin types and ages, but you may not be suitable to have the treatment if you have certain allergies or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your practitioner will also assess where the injections will be effective and how much of a dose you will need, for example a man will often require a larger dose than a woman due to the difference in muscle tissue thickness and strength.

You may be given an ice pack or topical anaesthetic to numb the area you are having injected and the procedure is relatively pain free as the needles used are so fine. After your Botox is administered, you should avoid rubbing or touching your skin and applying makeup for the next 4 hours. You may not see a result instantly, but you will gradually see a difference over the course of the next few days and will be able to see the full result after two weeks.

The total treatment time is very quick and can be easily slotted into a busy schedule and, when administered by a professional, looks natural and rejuvenating. Our trained practitioners will not administer excess or unnecessary amounts of Botox so you can avoid the ‘permanently surprised’ or waxy look that can come from overdoing it. It is the perfect treatment for giving yourself a confidence boost and taking years off of your appearance.


Using Botox to Combat Lines and Wrinkles