Moles and birthmarks can be found anywhere around the face and body and are usually harmless but can make you feel self-conscious if they are larger or in a conspicuous area. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we remove moles and birthmarks with minimal discomfort and without the need for surgery.

At our Knightsbridge based clinic we use a few different methods to remove birthmarks and moles dependent on the size, depth and location of them, these include-

  • Shave excision- removing the mole with a dermablade, leaving a very small wound that is cauterised and does not require stitches.
  • Elliptical excision- a deeper excision that is suitable for deeper moles so that they are removed completely and will not return. You may require stitches for the resulting wound which will be dissolvable or non-dissolvable.
  • Hyfrecator treatment- we use low-powered medical apparatus to directly destroy the tissue of the mole and at the same time stop any resulting bleeding. It is quick and only leaves a small superficial wound.

In a small amount of cases, moles can be linked to skin cancer. In these cases, we send a sample of your mole to a laboratory for analysis so that any abnormal cells can be detected.

As with all our treatments, you will have a free consultation where we will assess the size, location and depth of your mole and discuss suitable treatment options. It is always important to practise good aftercare so that you do not run the risk of infections or scarring, and we advise that you keep your wound clean and apply a prescribed antibiotic cream. If your mole removal has required stitches, we will schedule a follow up appointment to remove these.

If you would like to know more about mole removal at our Knightsbridge based clinic, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.


Our Mole Removal Treatments

Most women wear makeup every day and spend almost an hour getting ready every morning, so it isn’t surprising that many are looking for ways to save time and effort, and a fantastic way of doing this is with semi-permanent makeup. At our Knightsbridge-based clinic we offer a range of long-lasting semi-permanent makeup treatments to help you look your best every day.

One of our popular treatments is our semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. Using a very precise technique and high-quality pigments, we create the illusion of individual eyebrow hairs to add thickness, fill in gaps and add definition to the eyebrows. This gives great definition to your face without having to pencil your eyebrows and we carefully match the colour so that it looks natural.

We also offer semi-permanent lip liner which not only adds definition but can help make your lips appear fuller and make them look more even if you have a thinner or an uneven lip. Our semi-permanent lipstick gives the effect of colour and you can still wear makeup on top of it to change your look.

Semi-permanent makeup not only saves you time from your makeup routine, it can help to boost your confidence, make your features look more defined and symmetrical and can even help to hide small facial scars. If you are interested in our semi-permanent makeup treatments or would like to book your free consultation, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.


Why Choose Semi-Permanent Makeup?

The thinner the skin on our faces and bodies, the more delicate and susceptible to damage it is, such is the case with our earlobes which can easily become stretched, damaged and even ripped, especially if you tend to wear heavy earrings. If your ears have become stretched or damaged, we can help repair them at our Knightsbridge-based clinic.

To start the procedure, we need to freshen the wound to slightly expose the skin and make repairing the earlobe more successful. We use an anaesthetic to numb the ear and then carefully remove the top layer of skin. This allows us to reconstruct and repair the earlobe and fix them into place with small surgical stitches. The whole procedure takes approximately an hour.

You will then have a follow up appointment about two weeks after our procedure where we will remove the stitches and check how your earlobes are healing. The process is non-invasive, quick and doesn’t require major surgery or general anaesthetic so you won’t have to take any down time to recover. We recommend that you wash your hair the day before the procedure as you will need to keep the ear area dry for 3-4 days post-treatment and you must keep the area clean and dry using saline solution. It will take approximately 6 months for your earlobes to fully heal and you can have them pierced again after then if you wish.

If you would like to know more about earlobe repair at our London-based clinic or would like to book an appointment, please contact us today and speak to a member of our team.


Earlobe Repair in Knightsbridge

At the London Cosmetic Clinic in Knightsbridge we love staying on top of all the latest trends in the world of beauty and skincare so we can deliver the best treatments and products to you. One such treatment, enjoyed by celebrity Kim Kardashian, is our “Vampire facelift” which involves using the client’s own blood to help make the skin look and feel younger.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or a “Vampire facelift” is used in other areas such as sport medicine to improve wound healing and utilises the growth factors in blood platelets. The treatment is non-invasive, scalpel free and is completely chemical free. A small amount of blood, usually between 40ml to 360 ml, is removed from the client and then treated in centrifuge, so is spun around at an extremely fast pace until the blood separates into is components. At our clinic, we use the Angel PRP system to separate the concentrated platelets from blood. The system is one of the most latest advanced machines that could process much more amount of blood than the other system which could process only 10-40 ml, and as a result provides more amount of platelet rich plasma. The platelet-rich plasma is then reinjected into the chosen areas and the growth factors in it encourage the cells surrounding that area to multiply in number, so the skin appears plumper and more volumised and collagen product is encouraged. As well as improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment can also effectively help promote hair growth and reverse minor scar damage and other skin imperfections.

The treatment takes between 60-90 minutes and prior to this we will remove any makeup, use an antiseptic wipe to minimise any risk of infection and apply a topical numbing agent. We advise that you stay hydrated and eat well before your appointment so that it is easier for your blood to be withdrawn. The treatment can be used over the body, including the décolletage, backs of hands and knees, as well as your face and at your consultation we can discuss what areas you would like treated and determine how many sessions you will require.

If you would like to know more about the Vampire facelift or would like to book your free consultation, contact us today and speak with a member of our team.

kim k

The Vampire Facelift at The London Cosmetic Clinic

We can disguise the signs of aging on our skin and our hair, but our hands can give our age away as they lose the layer of fat on their backs and production of collagen slows down, leaving the tendons and veins showing though the skin. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we use Radiesse fillers to make the skin appear plumper and more lifted as one of our anti-aging treatments.

Radiesse is one of the best dermal fillers available and consists of tiny beads of calcium hydroxylapatite in a sterile gel which forms a cushion under the skin. It is injected as a ball into the backs of your hands and massaged to shape it. This pads out the skin slightly so it is lifted away from the tendons and veins and the skin’s volume is restored. You may notice some swelling for a couple of days and we may recommend a top-up treatment after 2 to 4 weeks from your initial session to obtain your desired results. The procedure is non-invasive, does not require general anaesthetic and after the procedure you are free to go about your day as there is no recovery time required.

The results last around 12 months so are long lasting but not permanent so you can have the treatment repeated if you are happy with the results. Prior to your treatment you will have a free consultation where we will discuss your desired results and plan a bespoke treatment plan for you.

If you would like to book your free appointment or would like to know more about this treatment, please contact us today and speak to a member of our team.

Radiesse-hand rejuv

Hand Rejuvenation with Radiesse Fillers

Around 10% of the population suffer from bruxism, more commonly known a tooth grinding, and this often goes unnoticed as it happens mainly at night. As well as damaging the surface an enamel of the teeth, bruxism can lead to over-developed jaw muscles, so faces can appear squarer and less feminine.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we can remedy this with the use of Botulinum toxin injections to gradually reduce the amount of unwanted movement in the jaw and therefore reduce the size of the muscle. Botulinum toxin effectively freezes muscles by blocking nerve impulses so is most commonly used for reducing fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. We inject small amounts of this into the Massester muscle in the corners of the jaw and within 1 to 2 weeks you will start to notice that you are grinding your teeth less. Initially you may find chewing food tiring but this will quickly subside and within 3 spaced out treatments you will notice visible results.

We will outline a bespoke treatment plan for you to obtain your desired results and will discuss follow-up treatments. Whilst the results are long-lasting, they are not permanent and the treatment does not require any invasive procedures or recovery time.

If you would like to know more about our botulinum toxin injections for jaw reduction or any of our treatments, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.


Jaw Reduction Without Surgery

One of the most sought after cosmetic procedures is rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, and people seek these out for various reasons, such as reshaping the bridge of their nose or lifting the tip. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we have had great success reshaping and defining noses without scalpels or stiches with our non-surgical rhinoplasty.

We use high-quality dermal fillers to correct various imperfections such as a flat bridge, slight bumps on the bridge of the nose or lack of definition from previous surgical rhinoplasty. Prior to your treatment, you will have a free consultation so we can assess your nose and explore possible results. You do not require general anaesthetic for dermal filler treatments but we can apply a numbing agent to minimise any discomfort. The dermal filler is then injected in small amounts and massaged into place; this process takes about 15 minutes to complete. During the treatment you are awake and can hold a mirror so that you are in complete control of your results.

As it is a non-invasive treatment, you can go home straight after your procedure and do not require any recovery time, we do however advise that you avoid strenuous activity post-treatment to minimise the risk of bruising. The results are immediate and last 6-12 months before the dermal filler is naturally broken down and passed through your system. You can then decide whether or not you would like the treatment repeated.

To find out more about our non-surgical rhinoplasty or any of our other treatments, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.



Reshaping your Nose with Dermal Fillers

If you have uneven skin tone,dark pigmentation the beginnings of fine lines, open pores or dull, lifeless skin, the best course of action can be to undertake deep exfoliation in the form of a skin peel. One of the skin peel treatments that we offer at the London Cosmetic Clinic is the Obagi Nu-Derm system, a range of prescription strength products that help repair the skin at a cellular level, erase signs of premature aging and speed up the skin’s renewal process.

The Obagi Nu-Derm system was developed by renowned dermatologist Dr Zein E.Obagi in 1988 and, due to its strength and the importance of correct application, it can only be administered by clinics with a special license. The products are carefully administered to ensure that the right pH level is achieved and that the best possible results are obtained. As with all of our treatments, you will have a free consultation first so we can assess the condition of your skin and discuss your desired results.

The first phase of the treatment involves using the products to remove the top few layers of skin. It penetrates the skin and encourages it to shed its top layers, taking along impurities and signs of damage with it. You may notice that your skin feels tighter and slightly itchy during this phase. This first stage lasts approximately 6 to 8 weeks but you may start to notice a difference within 4 to 6 weeks. As the skin produces new skin cells, it also produces more collagen and elastin and is more evenly pigmented, so your skin is smoother, bouncier and flawless looking.

During treatment, we recommend that you use an SPF of at least 30 and avoid excess UV exposure as this can damage the skin further. We also prescribe an aftercare routine so you get the best possible results and your skin continues to look younger and more even. To find out more about the Obagi Nu-Derm System or any of our other anti-aging treatments, contact us today and speak to a member of our team.

Obagi Radiance Peel Pic

The Obagi Nu-Derm System for Age Revera

Your jawline plays a major part in defining your face shape, especially with the current ‘v-shape’ trend of focusing contouring on your jaw and chin but as we grow older and start to lose skin and muscle tone this definition and clear shape start to get lost. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we use Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to correct this issue before it turns into a jowl and the sagging becomes too severe to treat without invasive surgery.
Hyaluronic acid is a compound naturally found in the skin which gives the skin volume and elasticity. We use high quality, synthetically created Hyaluronic acid which is free of animal products and biocompatible, typically market leaders Juvederm and Restylane which are both in sterile gels. These fillers are injected in small, precise amounts where it is needed across the jawline and then massaged into place. You can hold a mirror throughout the treatment so you have complete control of the result, which will last between 9 to 12 months.
Although the treatment does not require any recovery time and is non-invasive, we will still apply a numbing cream to minimize any discomfort. It is best to avoid touching your face and applying makeup as well as not using Vitamin E, St.John’s Wort, ibuprofen or aspirin. We also advise that you refrain from exercise apart from walking. There should be minimal bruising and swelling but your jaw will look younger, firmer and more defined. If you are concerned that your jawline is starting to look saggy, call us today and book your free consultation.


sagging jaw rest

Dermal Fillers for a Sagging Jawline

Thread veins can appear on our legs for a variety of reasons such as poor circulation, alcohol
consumption, carrying extra weight or simply being stood up for a long time for a prolonged period
and they can look particularly prominent if you have very fair skin. Whilst there are a few things you
can do to try to prevent them from appearing, none of which are guaranteed to work, you can erase
them at the London Cosmetic Clinic with the use of IPL treatment.

Short for intense pulsed light, we use IPL treatment for various treatments at our Knightsbridge-
based clinic including skin rejuvenation and minimising skin pigmentation. The light rays from the
device create a thermal reaction in the skin which cauterises the broken capillaries that make up
thread veins. As less blood flows to these broken capillaries, they start to fade and the thread veins
disappear. Straight after your IPL session your skin may appear redder but this will quickly calm
down as your skin recovers. We recommend that you use SPF 35 or higher as your skin will be
temporarily more susceptible to UV damage.

You may need several sessions depending on the severity of your thread veins and this will be
discussed at your consultation. We also use this technique to remove other areas of redness such as
port wine stains and hyperpigmentation. To find out more about thread vein removal or any of our
other treatments, contact us today to book a consultation.

HR 600

Thread Vein Removal with IPL Treatment