Whether your skin is greasy and unbalanced, dull and lifeless, showing the legacy of years or acne or even starting to develop fine lines, exfoliation is the key to revealing smoother, younger-looking, healthier skin. When a quick scrub isn’t quite passing muster, you can choose to have a chemical peel to remove the upper layers of the skin that are covered in dead skin cells, grease and other impurities.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we have several types of skin peels to remove dead skin cells and impurities. We use safe, clinically-tested, carefully controlled chemicals including Trichloroacetic acid and Glycolic acid and can we can help determine the best type of skin peel for you depending on your skin type and its condition. These peels will work as superficially as the very top layer of the skin down to the middle layers, where some skin damage can reach.

Skin peels prompt these top layers of the skin peel off, removing any impurities and making the way for fresh, younger-looking new skin cells. Due to the nature of the treatment, we recommend that you allow yourself plenty of time between the treatment and any big events- remember the episode of ‘Sex and the City’ when Samantha had a skin peel RIGHT before a huge night out?! Whilst your skin is repairing itself it is important to take precautions against UV damage, which is a good habit to get into after you skin has renewed itself. There are plenty of moisturisers available with an SPF in them but when it is sunnier you will need to use a separate sunscreen as well, you can get specific ones for your face so you can protect your skin without looking greasy and whilst being able to wear makeup.

Straight after your skin peel you may feel your skin feels taught and therefore less saggy, but the real improvements come in several weeks’ time after the old skin has peeled off and the new cells start to come through. Due to the nature of the treatment, they aren’t something that you would have every week but they are fantastic for giving your skin an overhaul in the run-up to a wedding, special birthday or to boost your confidence.

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Should I try a Skin Peel?

As we get older, our skin naturally ages too but some of us are concerned that the effects of premature aging are adding years to our appearance. Every day some of your skin cells die and are replaced by new ones but this process can get slowed down when the skin is damaged by excess sun exposure. This leads to premature aging, signs of which include fine lines and wrinkles, age spots (also known as liver spots), hyperpigmentation, a sallow complexion, roughness and unevenness, redness in the skin and loss of elasticity.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we specialise in making you look amazing and are proud to be able to offer the Omagi skin care system, which is very effective and has a reputation for giving great results. Developed back in 1988 by acclaimed dermatologist Dr Zein.E Omagi and a team of other leading experts, the Omagi skin care system is a range of pharmaceutical strength products that penetrate the deeper layers of your skin and encourage your skin to shed old, dead cells and replace them with new cells, resulting in fresh, smooth, rejuvenated skin.
Whilst some websites may claim to sell Omagi skincare products, you cannot guarantee that they are the genuine article as they can only be sold through licensed professionals, which is why it is available to go to a specialist cosmetic clinic such as ourselves. We also thoroughly assess your skin and advise you how to use the system safely and effectively.

As it is a prescription-strength treatment that effectively works as a skin peel, you may experience some redness, itchiness and dryness as the skin rids itself of old, dead skin cells. You will start to see results within 6 weeks and you will need to visit us for follow up appointments to assess and monitor the progression of your skin. It is very important that you use a very high SPF sunscreen both during treatment and after to prevent any damage to your skin.

The various Omagi systems can be used alone or with each other and during your assessment we will advise the best course of action. The result is smoother, more evenly pigmented skin that looks younger and fresher. You can continue to use the products to maintain the condition of your skin.

Please visit our website to find more details about this treatment and feel free to contact us for further information and to book a free consultation on Tel: 02035813391 or email to info@thelondoncosmeticclinic.co.uk. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to tell you more about our treatments.


The Omagi Radiance Peel