Sometimes the best way of improving your skin is to encourage it to heal itself, which is what our chemical-free, surgery-free dermaroller treatments do. The dermaroller is a hand-held device with a barrel covered in tiny needles which is simply rolled across your skin in various directions and can help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne scars, stretch marks and general dullness in the skin. Also known as micro-needling, the needles of the dermaroller come in various lengths depending on what kind of skin complaint we are using them for and can be used over the body as well as the face.

Prior to the treatment, we apply a numbing cream to minimise discomfort which takes about half an hour to take effect. As the needles are rolled over your face, they make tiny column shaped punctures, about 1-2mm deep, which close very quickly. This slight damage to the skin kickstarts the skin’s natural healing process and stimulates collagen production so the skin starts to repair scar tissue and fine lines are plumped out. It may take up to 6 weeks to start seeing the improvement in your skin but the treatment also boosts blood circulation so your skin will look fresher and brighter.

Straight after treatment your skin may feel slightly tender, as if it has been sunburned so we advise that you only wash it with tepid water for 48 hours post-treatment. We recommend that you have 3 treatment sessions for skin rejuvenation and 5-6 for scar reduction, each spaced 6 weeks apart, but this will also be discussed during your free consultation.

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Using the Dermaroller for Skin Rejuvenation

When one mentions micropigmentation you may automatically think of semi-permanent lipliner and eyebrow tattoos but it can also be used on a more medical level to help restore looks and revive confidence after surgery or scarring.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we pride ourselves on our ability to create natural-looking results and treat every patient with care and sensitivity. Our medical micropigmentation can be used to camouflage scarring and vitiligo patches providing the scar is at least a year old and we carefully match the pigments use to your skin colour for a natural, seamless effect. Some scarring can stop facial hair from growing, for example scars running across eyebrows or, for men, around the chin and upper lip so we use a hair simulation technique to mimic missing follicles and make the area look flawless.

Another type of medical micropigmentation we provide is areola tattooing for those who have undergone surgeries such as mastectomies. This procedure can be a very emotional one so we treat all of our patients with care and sensitivity. We create a 3D effect to restore damaged or lost areolas and nipples so you can regain your confidence and sense of self.

Depending on the size, area and type of micropigmentation you may require more than one session. At your consultation we will discuss how many sessions you will need for your desired results.


Regaining your Looks and Confidence with Micropigmentation

Scars can carry memories on our skin, for example, stretch marks from pregnancy, marks from childhood high jinks, but they can also make us feel self-conscious and unwilling to wear certain clothes. At the London Cosmetic Clinic we have a range of scar removal and minimising treatments and we can help you choose the best option based on the type, location and condition of your scar.

Scars fall into different categories depending on how they were caused and their appearance, the main categories are as follows

  • Keloid scars (caused by over-aggressive healing, appears shiny and raised)
  • Acne scars (small pits caused by severe acne)
  • Stretch marks (caused by sudden growth or weight loss, often appear during pregnancy and puberty)
  • Contracture scars (often from a burn, these cause a tightening in the skin that also affects the underlying muscle)
  • Hypertrophic scars (similar to keloid scars but don’t extend over the point of injury)

In some cases scars can be diminished by encouraging the skin to produce more collagen and heal itself, for example IPL treatment which can help fade red or pink scars and stimulates collagen and elastin production. Likewise our Dermaroller treatment encourages the skin to heal itself and is very effective on stretch marks.

If your scar is atrophic, i.e. dipped into the skin, we can use dermal fillers to raise it to the level of the surrounding skin whilst raised scars like keloid and hypertrophic scars can be treated with a series of corticosteroid injections.

We can perform minor surgery to improve the appearance of a scar or to release it if it is affecting the movement of a joint. This involves removing the scar tissue then closing the wound and can cause a temporary scar which will fade as the skin recovers.

In all cases we will explain the process fully and demonstrate correct aftercare to prevent infection. If you have a scar that you would like removed, please contact us today to book a free consultation.


Removing and Minimising Scars

Scars can  vary greatly in appearance and in their cause but one thing they all have in common is that they can make people feel very self-conscious and unhappy with their appearance. At the London Cosmetic Clinic, our consultants carefully assess your scar and the condition of your skin to determine the best course of action for your individual circumstances. We can treat a whole range of scars, from superficial to deeper ones including stretch marks, acne scars and keloid scars and, as these are all caused in different ways and have varying levels of severity, some of our treatments will suit some better than others.

Some of our treatments work by encouraging the skin to heal itself, for example the dermaroller, typically used on stretch marks, causes tiny punctures in the skin to kick start collagen production and skin cell renewal. Our IPL treatments can also improve the appearance of scars and encourage the skin to heal itself; the varying light waves cause a thermoreaction in the skin that can cauterise broken blood vessels and therefore help to fade red-tinged scars and improve skin tone and texture.

For scars that have left an indentation in the skin, we can offer derma filler injections to raise them to the level of the surrounding skin and therefore appear less noticeable. This is only a temporary solution and isn’t suitable for all scar types although results can last around a year. We also offer Corticosteroid injections for raised scars, for example keloid and hypertrophic scars, that reduce inflammation. Only a couple of injections are administered at a time and treatments are spaced several weeks apart so it can take some time to see a noticeable difference.

Other forms of scars are technically superficial as they are in the uppermost layers of the skin but can still affect your confidence. For these scars a chemical peel is often the best option, particularly for acne scars; depending on the depth of the scar, a carefully balanced chemical peel is applied to your skin to encourage it to shed the first few layers of skin and reveal the fresher, more even skin underneath. This again will take a little while as the dead skin needs to shed itself, heal and then produce new skin cells.

As well as discussing the best plan of action with you, we will explain correct aftercare procedures and arrange followup appointments to monitor your progress as necessary. To find out more about our treatments and for any queries, please contact us on 0203 581 3391 and a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to speak to you.



Our Scar Treatments

It’s the treatment that’s used by seemingly ageless celebrities including Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Aniston and uses absolutely no chemicals or invasive surgery, but what exactly is a Dermaroller and how does it work?

The Dermaroller device looks slightly scary as it has hundreds of tiny, sharp needles spaced evenly apart around a small barrel; this device is rolled over your skin for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The micro-needles pierce the skin leaving tiny columns which quickly heal and stimulate the skin to heal itself, generate new skin cells and produce more collagen whilst circulation is also boosted. Due to the nature of the treatment, it can feel quite uncomfortable so a numbing agent is applied to the skin about 30 minutes beforehand. Treatments are spaced 6 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal itself and the number of treatments will depend on the results you are after; typically 3 sessions for skin rejuvenation and 5-6 sessions for scar and stretch mark removal.

After the treatment your skin may be slightly red and more sensitive than usual but this will subside as your skin heals itself. It is important to just use tepid water to wash your face for 48 hours afterwards and dry your skin gently. Whilst there are some Dermaroller devices available to buy online, you cannot guarantee that these are a genuine or safe product, it can be hard to clean them at home, potentially leading to infections so it is best to visit an expert. You also do not get the consultation, numbing agent or correct technique and consultation that we provide if you try to go DIY.

Our Dermaroller treatments give visible improvements in the condition, texture and appearance of the skin without the use of harsh chemicals, risk of scarring or invasive surgery.


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What is a Dermaroller?