“I like my “new nose” a lot better than my previous one. I’m really grateful I had the procedure & for your skill & kindness.”

Laura , London

“I have had ten moles removed with Dr. Johnson and the results were brilliant. The doctor did them very precisely. I do appreciate your time, attention to detail and care. Thank you ever so much.”

Parker , Belgravia.

“Thank you so much Dr. Johnson for my split earlobe repair. I am so happy to be able to wear earrings again and you have made the treatment experience so simple and no pain at all.”

Jessica , Richmond.

“My hands were very veiny and the skin was very thin before. The Radiesse injection was amazing. I could see the result immediately after the treatment and hardly feelt any discomfort of the injection.”

Emma , Richmond.

“Love the Muscle relaxant for my under arms. I feel like the sweating is under control. I no longer have to change shirts several times a day. Thank you so much Dr. Johnson, you have made my life so much easier.”

Jacob , London.

“It was the best decision I’ ve ever made to have Laser Lipo done with Dr. Johnson. My stubborn love handle fat which I’ve tried to loose for years has gone! You have change my life.”

Sameer, Dubai.

“I am so happy with my nose now. Thanks to Dr. Johnson for creating definition on my flat nose. It looks so natural just as I wanted. I will definitely keep having this treatment with you.”

Narumi, Oxford.

“Love my result of Muscle relaxant and filler for my smoking line! Dr. Johnson has done it perfectly and it also make my lip look much nicer. Thank you so much.”

Lisa, Knightsbridge.

“Thank you very much for the fantastic Muscle relaxant brow lift. My excess and hanging eyelids have lift up nicely. I’m so happy I don’t need surgery anymore.”

Daniella, Purley.

“I’ve found Dermaroller treatment with Dr. Johnson has given me my dream skin. The lines around my mouth and cheek look so much better, as well as my open pores. I am so delighted with the result.”

Jane, Putney