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Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing (Frax 1550)
The London Cosmetic Clinic offers non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing laser (Frax 1550) to address a wide range of skin resurfacing or scarring concerns. Frax 1550 is a fractional non-ablative laser that has very few side effects and less downtime than ablative lasers. The Frax 1550 is specific for addressing:

  • Non-ablative skin resurfacing (including but not limited to treatment of skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Treatment of pink or purple striae (stretch marks)
  • Treatment of acne scars – ice-pick scars, rolling scars, boxcar scars, atrophic or hypertrophic.
  • Treatment of surgical or trauma scars
  • Treatment of improving and repairing sun damage
  • Treatment of minimising age spots

Controlled thermal effects or columns of heat are created in the skin. This immediately stimulates an inflammatory response and controlled trauma. Your body gets to work to soothe, reinforce and regenerate the treatment site. The proliferation of collagen and elastin is prevalent up to 90 days after the initial treatment and is what rebuilds, tightens and enhances lax or damaged structures. 

A combination treatment with an SWT applicator followed by the Frax 1550 laser produces an even better result with less treatments. And because the surface of the skin is left intact, the downtime is limited.

A patented integrated cooling system, SoftCool™ produces cooled air exactly where you need it – at the treatment site. The focused stream of cool air minimizes patient discomfort by efficiently removing excessive heat before, during and after Frax 1550 treatments.


Prior to treatment, the patient should:

  • Avoid tanning or excessive sun exposure.
  • Avoid perfumes, deodorants and other potential irritants in treatment area.
  • Avoid taking aspirin and other blood thinners prior to treatment

What to expect after the procedure

  • Most patients can return to work immediately after the procedure.
  • Redness caused by the treatment can be camouflaged by makeup without any negative effects
  • A good hydrating moisturiser should be applied post treatment.
  • Patients should avoid sleeping on the treatment area to prevent swelling, or prop an additional pillow behind their heads.
  • Cold compresses can be applied to alleviate any potential swelling.
  • Sun exposure should be avoided during the healing phase and a sunscreen of at least SPF 30-50 should be applied daily.

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12 hours

Down Time

2-4 weeks

Time to See Results

Repeat in 4 weeks. Up to 4 sessions required.

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The best cosmetic clinic I have ever been to! I was nervous about my treatment but the staff I dealt with put me at ease, explained everything and made me feel in very safe hands. Highly professional, knowledgeable staff and clinicians and I cannot recommend them highly enough. The end result was amazing and I look and feel 20 years younger!