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Using Botox to Combat Lines and Wrinkles

Published on: March 23, 2015

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures throughout the world is Botox injections; they’re non-invasive, start to give results within 72 hours, don’t require recovery time after being administered and are temporary so you can decide if you want the treatment redone once the effects fade or not.

Botox is made from the neurotoxin botulinum toxin dissolved in a saline solution. Whilst the prospect of having a poison injected into your face may seem scary, the injections are very safe when administered by a professional and side effects and adverse reactions are very rare. The Botox relaxes the muscle tissue meaning that visible lines caused on the skin from excess muscle movement, for example from frowning, are smoothed out and the skin appears more youthful and toned.

Before the procedure takes place, you will be assessed for suitability. Botox is suitable for the majority of skin types and ages, but you may not be suitable to have the treatment if you have certain allergies or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your practitioner will also assess where the injections will be effective and how much of a dose you will need, for example a man will often require a larger dose than a woman due to the difference in muscle tissue thickness and strength.

You may be given an ice pack or topical anaesthetic to numb the area you are having injected and the procedure is relatively pain free as the needles used are so fine. After your Botox is administered, you should avoid rubbing or touching your skin and applying makeup for the next 4 hours. You may not see a result instantly, but you will gradually see a difference over the course of the next few days and will be able to see the full result after two weeks.

The total treatment time is very quick and can be easily slotted into a busy schedule and, when administered by a professional, looks natural and rejuvenating. Our trained practitioners will not administer excess or unnecessary amounts of Botox so you can avoid the ‘permanently surprised’ or waxy look that can come from overdoing it. It is the perfect treatment for giving yourself a confidence boost and taking years off of your appearance.