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Are lip fillers safe? Should I have lip fillers?

Published on: March 22, 2021

Dermal fillers can work wonders to rejuvenate and revitalise our looks, and nothing can ring as true as with non-surgical lip augmentation using injectables. However, due to non-regulated practitioners and those who are not medically-trained taking it upon themselves to believe that they know what they are doing with a needle or a cannula, there have been some reports of some catastrophic results from dermal fillers in recent years. These ‘practitioners’ results are not only scarring people for life but risking their general health, as well.

At The London Cosmetic Clinic in Harley Street, we only offer clinically-regulated treatments with medically-trained experts in cosmetic medicine so that you can be confident of a safe and effective treatment every time.

But what can go wrong with dermal lip fillers when in the hands of the untrained?

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that sit innately within the skin tissues, plumping them up and holding them out (hence the plumper lip look). However, injecting these substances safely requires medical education and skill and extensive training in medical aesthetics. Do it wrong, and all sorts can happen.

For example, if one was to inject a vein or blood vessel with a dermal filler and not know how to ‘clear’ its pathway, using a unique substance called Hyalase, the blood supply to the area of skin can be stopped, causing tissue necrosis. The skin will turn purple or black and start to die.

We also have the issue that if an untrained practitioner is not fully-versed with the anatomy of the face with all its vessels and veins, injecting into the wrong one could even cause blindness, as some vessels in the lower face supply the eyes – serious stuff.

Not knowing this vital information from years of medical practice and injecting a dermal filler (or any substance for that matter) into the wrong area of the face could spell disaster for a patient. Poor delivery of product using improper techniques can also cause extensive swelling and bruising and a poor aesthetic result (we have all seen the huge ‘fish lip’ look).

Medical aesthetic practitioners know the exact areas to inject, how to inject, and the product volume to use for a specific facial concern and the most natural-looking result.

We also only use the highest-grade, FDA-approved dermal fillers for absolute safety and efficacy. You would be surprised about how many counterfeit or non-regulated dermal filler products are on the market, selling to non-medics. The companies we purchase our dermal filler products will only sell to medical practitioners and have strict rules. This ensures their products’ reputation remains high, as does the safety of every patient who has a treatment with them.

So, we have covered the safety of dermal lip fillers and why you should always use a medical practitioner, how do you know if you can have a lip filler treatment?

If you feel that your lips have lost volume over time, if you are a smoker and are noticing lines and wrinkles around your lips, if you have some asymmetry that you wish to correct, or you simply want to have a better shape and hydration to your lips, then dermal fillers may well be a solution for you.

However, it’s vital to undergo a full pre-treatment consultation and facial examination at The London Cosmetic Clinic. We can speak with you at length about your facial concerns, examine your lips and check your medical history so that we can ensure your safety throughout proceedings. We would also not recommend any non-surgical treatment if we did not feel it would benefit your specific facial concern aesthetically. This initial meeting is vital for both of us to establish your suitability for lip fillers. Once you’ve had a consultation, we will be delighted to welcome you back for your lip filler treatment.

Dermal fillers for the lips are one of the UK’s favourite injectable cosmetic treatments, along with Botox®, so it’s no wonder that so many therapists and non-medical practitioners want to get in on the action. But dermal fillers, though not regulated in the UK, must be viewed as a medical procedure and should remain that way. Only then can we ensure their safety and efficacy so that you can have the best treatment with the most beautiful results for your lips.


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