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Keloid Removal

The London Cosmetic Clinic is a Keloid treatment centre. You will be treated by a well respected and experienced cosmetic doctor and plastic surgeon. Keloid is the growth or benign tomorrow of scar tissue. It’s commonly found after wound infection, hereditary, and in skin type 4-6 ( darker skin). The keloid commonly presents as lumps or nodules that raise bigger than the original wound, firm or hard to touch and it could feel pain or itchy. The severity of keloid range from mild to severe which can be graded from the size, pain and firmness.


At your consultation, the keloid will be carefully examined by our specialist doctor who will advise the best method of treatment .

Keloid on ears / earlobes: we offer choices of treatments for keloid on ear including 

  1. The combination treatment of keloid shave removal , steroid ( Kenalog) injection and pressure earrings.
  • Steroid ( Kenalog) injection only.


Keloid on the other area: We offer choices of treatments including 

  1. The combination treatment of keloid shave removal , steroid injection.
  • Steroid injection only.


Keloid removal: The methods offered at the clinic are

  • Shave with Hyfrecator machine which can shave the keloid off and stop bleeding in the same time.
  • Excision of keloid and stitches


Steroid injection: a specific type of steroid injection into keloid will help stop the growth of scar tissue and flatten the scar. Triamnicolone acetonide 40 mg/ml is used at our clinic for the effective keloid treatment.

Pressure earrings: by applying the right pressure on keloid can help flatten and prevent the growth of scar tissue. Pressure earrings is generally advised to apply on after keloid removal to prevent the recurrence of the keloid on ears.

Keloid removal and steroid injection procedures 

1.Prior to the treatment : Local anaesthetic Injection will be administered on treated area.


  • Hyfrecator treatment – The hyfrecator is a low-powered medical apparatus used in electro surgery. It is used to destroy tissue directly, and to stop bleeding during minor surgery. This leaves a small superficial wound. The hyfrecator has a large number of uses, such as removal of warts, moles, skin tags and some other types of skin lesions. The treatment takes only a few minutes to complete and the aim is to get the normal shape of the ear back.
  • Steroid will then be injected on the wound immediately after the shaving. Antibiotic ointment and plaster will be applied.
  • Post treatment: You can resume normal activities straight away in most cases and a dressing is applied to keep the wound clean for a few days. Antibiotic cream will be prescribed to apply to the wounds until it heals or the stitches are removed. In some cases, doctors may prescribe oral antibiotics. 
  • Specific post treatment instructions will be discussed with you during your visit by our Clinic Coordinator. Review appointment with your doctor usually will be arrange for you 3 weeks after the procedure.
  • Pressure earrings can be applied when the wound is completely heal.
  • In some cases, a protocol of a course of steroid injections will be advised to prevent the recurrence of the keloid.


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The London Cosmetic Clinic are my life saver, I had keloids for 8 years tried different ways, different methods costing me almost $3000 in 5 year period till I came across The London Cosmetic clinic my keloids are gone and my therapy check-up appointments are finish all in a quick 5 months period. I cannot be more happier thank you Dr Salinda Johnson, Pia and the rest of the wonderful young female staff I highly and truly appreciate you all making me happy with my looks, love you.