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At London skincare clinic we are currently seeking a proactive, smart and cooperative patient administrator to aid our excellent service delivery. As the patient administrator,  you are the face of our clinic, the patient’s first point of contact for patients. Your primary duty is to ensure all patients get the best  experience right from when they pick the phone to make enquiries or walk through our doors. You will be working alongside other clinical staff to deliver professional and personalised services to  patients in our state of art clinic . 


About us 



located in the prestigious Hartley street, London. We provide a range of health, skincare and minor surgeries and the latest non-surgical cosmetic treatments, all performed to the highest of medical standards. Our dedicated team consists of the UK’s leading aesthetic doctors and laser therapists. We pride ourselves on patient care and satisfaction. 


We look forward to working with a forward thinking and proactive administrative specialist like you to continue to  provide a  personalised and world class service for our patients. 


Your administrative responsibilities


  • Providing a warm and welcoming first point of contact to all our patients. Coordinating satisfactory patient experience from arrival to departure.


  • Promptly dealing with all telephone, email or in person enquiries effectively.  Ensure provision of accurate information to all enquiries.


  • Offering support, advice and service reassurance to patients.


  • Ensure appropriate booking of clinical appointments based on clinical priorities.


  • Prompt verification of patient insurance details.


  • Accurate and prompt billing of patients for received services. Ensuring all payments are received, recorded and banked effectively. 


  • Keeping accurate patient records and making them available when required.


  • Taking note of patient religious and cultural beliefs and ensuring these views are taken into account by doctors and other clinic staff.


  • Prompt  dispatching of  correct patient results in line with clinic policy.


  • Compliance with ISO standards in regards to information security. 


  • Optimising office workflow  procedure. Ensuring clinician productivity by maintaining an efficient calendar; patient treatment and consultation appointment scheduling. 


  • Maintaining office supply inventory by monitoring supplies. Verify office supply needs, place orders, ensure prompt delivery, verify and keep receipts.  


  • Reporting complaints and incidents promptly in line with the clinic’s standard.


  • Providing administrative support to the management team. Taking part in staff meetings, contributing to governance and audit activities. 


Education and experience 

  • BSC or high school diploma 


  • 1 year experience working in a similar role within a health care  organisation.




  • 2 years experience working in a similar role or customer service role within a non non health care organisation. 


Skills and abilities


  • Fluent written and spoken English 


  • Understanding of medical terminologies 


  • High level numerical and calculation skill


  • Computer literacy.  Ability to use Microsoft Office tools, electronic recording and billing softwares.


  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information.


  • Leadership skills 


  • Excellent interpersonal skill and diplomacy.


  • Organizational and collaborative skills


  • Multitasking and problem solving skills 


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