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Earlobe Filler

The ears, like the tops of hands, can reveal signs of age, she explains, due to elongated holes, brown spots, and sagging. “Any treatment I do to the face, I repeat on the ears,” she adds, mentioning that the surface’s tough skin can handle anything from Fraxel lasers, to retinol, to peels. And the same goes for your sunscreen and hyaluronic acid serum; Fusco recommends extending your application, morning and evening, onto the entire ear.

seriously stretched-out lobes are likely beyond the capabilities of your anti-aging cream. Fortunately, there’s a quick, in-office fix that can help combat the drooping just as it can elsewhere on your face: fillers.
Yes, that’s right, injecting your ears with Restylane or other hyaluronic acid fillers is a thing—and it’s becoming increasingly popular across the country as a quick way to plump up the area and lift slack lobes: “You only need a drop or two strategically injected around the pierced hole,” she says. The injections prevent delicate lobes from ripping and provide extra cushioning for heavy jewelry. A five-minute, virtually painless procedure that will make a new pair of gorgeous-but-hefty Marni earrings sit up straight and provide ears with the stamina to wear them all night long? This Vogue writer had to have it.

the results were immediate. The diamonds stood up just right, and the area felt firmer and thicker. My ears simply looked happier.

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