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The London Cosmetic Clinic team prides themselves on delivery a five star service. Their friendly approach to patient care really shines through when you speak to them on the phone or come to visit the clinic.

The whole team have a passion for aesthetics and are always happy to talk about their own treatment journeys with you.


“ My team share my passion for the aesthetics industry and only through this passion are we able to provide our patients with a truly outstanding experience.”

Dr Salinda Johnson




Medical Director & Aesthetic Dermatologist.

Dr Salinda Johnson is well-respected, highly experienced and one of the UK’s leading specialist aesthetic doctors. She has been a lecturer and trainer in aesthetic medicine for many years and regularly trains doctors, nurses and other medical practitioners on a range of medical aesthetic procedures with an emphasis on best practice and optimum treatment results.

She has also been invited to write articles for various aesthetic industry magazines and has been interviewed for other publications such as The Times and Marie Claire. Dr Johnson began her career, having completed a specialist fellowship program in cosmetic dermatology in 2000. She has continued to hone her techniques and expertise in the field ever since, incorporating up to date procedures and best practice as they develop.


Doctor of Medicine and Fellowship in Aesthetic Dermatology

Over 20 Years experience in aesthetic & anti-aging medicine and dermatology surgery.


  • General Medical Council (GMC Registration No: 7004041)
  • British College Of Aesthetic Medicine ( Full Member)
  • Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS)
  • Independent Doctor Federation (IDF)
  • The Association of PDO Thread UK
  • International Academy Of Body Contouring & Laser Lipolysis

Botulinum Toxin Injections for line & wrinkle smoothing

101,000 +

Botulinum Toxin Injections for gummy smile


Botulinum Toxin Injections for excessive sweating


Botulinum Toxin Injections for jaw reduction


Dermal fillers for lip enhancement


Dermal fillers for cheek & chin enhancement


Dermal fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasty


Dermal fillers for tear trough (under eye hollowness & dark circles)


Dermal fillers for hand volume loss


Dermal fillers for lines around the mouth




Aqualyx (fat dissolving injections)


Mole | skin tag | cyst | wart remova


Earlobe repair surgery


Scar treatments (excision | steroid injections)


Obagi ( accredited Obagi Ambassador)


PDO thread lift & silhouette thread lift


NUMBER OF Recorded procedures from 2000

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NUMBER OF Recorded procedures from 2000

Botulinum Toxin Injections for line & wrinkle smoothing101,000 +

Botulinum Toxin Injections for gummy smile6,500+

Botulinum Toxin Injections for excessive sweating12,500+

Botulinum Toxin Injections for jaw reduction30,500+

Dermal fillers for lip enhancement90,000+

Dermal fillers for cheek & chin enhancement16,500+

Dermal fillers for non-surgical rhinoplasty6,000+

Dermal fillers for tear trough (under eye hollowness & dark circles)5,000+

Dermal fillers for hand volume loss1,800+

Dermal fillers for lines around the mouth80,000+


Aqualyx (fat dissolving injections)900+

Mole | skin tag | cyst | wart remova12,000+

Earlobe repair surgery5,000+

Scar treatments (excision | steroid injections)13,000+

Obagi ( accredited Obagi Ambassador)7,000+

PDO thread lift & silhouette thread lift200+



Senior Aesthetic Doctor


Dr Irfan Mian is a Medical Aesthetic Doctor, Dental Practitioner and also works as a global Aesthetics Trainer. With over 35 years of experience within the Aesthetics Industry. He is committed in providing high quality Aesthetic Treatments. Our non-surgical treatments are designed to maintain a more youthful appearance and partially reverse the processes of ageing without side-effects.

Dr Mian has worked in Maxillo-Facial Units at Charing Cross, Westminster and Kings College Hospitals. Dr Mian has also previously been a clinical lecturer at King’s and Guy’s Hospitals NHS Trust.

Professional Positions

  • Chairman of Local Dental Committee
  • Director and Chairman Federation of LDC’S
  • Member of NHS Appeals Tribunal
  • Editor, Bulletin for Dentists
  • Council Member of The General Dental Practitioners Association (UK)
  • Member of The British Dental Association
  • Member of the British Medical Association



NUMBER OF Recorded procedures from 2000

Dr Natalie Miller, MD, Msc Aesthetic Dermatologist

Aesthetic Dermatologist

Dr Natalie Miller has international qualifications and experience in medical and Aesthetic Dermatology. After obtaining her Doctor of Medicine in Thailand, she went on to train in General Surgery before changing to Dermatology which then become her passion. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Dermatology from King’s College London, UK. Dr Miller also completed her Fellowship Program in Dermatological Laser Surgery in Thailand before starting work as a Dermatologist for the NHS in London until 2011.

Whilst working for the NHS, she specialised in common and rarer skin diseases including inflammatory skin conditions, specialising in Acne and ran regular Acne and Roaccutane Clinics. Apart from Acne, Psoriasis also became a special interest, which led to Dr. Miller running a Biologics Clinic. Dr. Miller also specialises in both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers. She then moved to Hong Kong where she worked as a Visiting Scholar at the Dermatology Research Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, later moving on to work as a Dermatologist for Raffles Medical International Clinic in Beijing, where she also specialised in skin cancer screening as well as skin surgery. In the same period of time, she also worked as an Aesthetics Dermatologist and specialised in non-surgical aesthetic and cutaneous laser surgery and also has experience in different kinds of Anti-Aging and scientifically proven procedures for lifting and tightening of the skin, prior to moving back to London.

Dr. Miller has also studied abnormal skin pigmentation conditions such as Melasma, Solar Lentigos and Vitiligo and has had many successful experiences in treating Melasma with topical, systemic and laser treatments.



Dr Natalie Miller, MD, Msc Aesthetic Dermatologist

NUMBER OF Recorded procedures from 2000


Dr Yousef Salamony Mb CHb MSC

Aesthetic Doctor

Dr Yousef Salamony holds a Degree in Medicine from the eminent Sheffield Medical School, where he received the prestigious distinction award, graduating 2012. Throughout his training he was fascinated with the aesthetics side of medicine. His view of the world is encapsulated in the ethos of The London Cosmetic Clinic.

We live in the public eye. Our personality is defined by how we present ourselves in our global social channels. We are becoming more revealing, glamorous, discerning humans and Dr Yousef understands exactly how each of us can become the best versions of ourselves with regular, personal day-to-day consultations.

He is involved in the changing face of the aesthetics industry and excited by the new movement from invasive to non-invasive whilst also recognising the demand for greater medical expertise in aesthetics procedures

Graduated with his degree in medicine, he provides his patients with a service that comes with all the reassurances of medical proficiency, exceptional clinical experience, combined with the highest level of medical and aesthetic training.

Qualified in the internationally renowned Derma Medical Training Scheme, he specialises in aesthetics medicine for the use of Botulinum Toxin A, Dermal Filler, Silhouette Soft Threads, Profhilo and Morpheus 8.

His signature is that of subtle artistic flair, alongside skilled professionalism with the preservation of natural beauty as the focus. His mantra is enhancing natural beauty without aggressive treatments or surgery.




Dr Yousef Salamony Mb CHb MSC

NUMBER OF Recorded procedures from 2000

Dr. Judy Todd MB CHB, FRCA.

Consultant Anaesthetist  & Cosmetic Doctor

I graduated from the University of Glasgow Faculty of Medicine in 1995. As well as training in anaesthetics and becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists in 2001, I also started a career in aesthetic medicine in 2005. When it comes to aesthetic treatments, it is my view that less is more and as such, I work with the patient to treat their concerns while striving at all times for a natural looking result that does them justice.

The non-surgical aesthetic industry has grown massively over the past decade in what it can offer non-surgically and as such, I have followed these developments and trained to include some of the most effective non-surgical treatments available in my aesthetic practice. I get the best results for my patients by combining innovative face and neck lifting and skin resurfacing treatments with traditional injectable rejuvenation and skin treatments.

As well as my busy aesthetic practice, I work the other part of the week as a Consultant Anaesthetist in the NHS. I love this role too and I am an avid supporter of the NHS. In this role I manage critically ill patients and emergencies on a day to day basis so I am highly skilled and experienced to be able to deal with any potential adverse events that could occur in an aesthetic practice, albeit unlikely.

Finally, I apply the same standards, quality control and ethics as that of my NHS hospital practice to my
aesthetic medicine practice with safety being paramount a



  1. Undergraduated Medical degree
  2. Post Graduate Fellowship in Royal College Of Anesthetists.

Over 15 years in Aesthetic and Anti ageing medicine

Professional registration

  1. UK General medical Council with License to practise ( GMC number: 4187990)
  2. Medical Defense union


Dr. Judy Todd MB CHB, FRCA.

NUMBER OF Recorded procedures from 2000

Incredibly happy with my gummy smile fix. It was my first time getting a cosmetic procedure and the LCC made me feel incredibly comfortable. Thank-you to Dr Johnson who walked me through the procedure ( which was incredibly fast and pain free!) and a massive thank you to Rahena! Your customer service was exceptional and made me feel really assured and comfortable. Will definitely be recommending the LCC to everyone. Incredibly professional and well priced clinic. I can already see a difference in my smile!

Sahiba Majeed

I'm so pleased I found The London Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Johnson was incredibly informative and professional and I've seen a difference after only one treatment! Big thank you to Rahena too who was super helpful and helped put my fears to ease!

Zoe E

I came in to enquire about Botox, I spoke to Rahena who gave me so much information.


Dr. Salinda Johnson and her team are excellent and highly accomplished. She maintains the highest standards in aesthetic treatments and techniques, and consequently I trust her completely and know that she will always offer the best advice, and provide the most appropriate treatments. Her expertise is admirable.
The team are friendly, efficient and helpful and always put patients at ease
Practitioners of Aesthetic Dermatology In London abound , but The London Cosmetic Clinic has the expertise and patient care which puts it top of the list

Marlene Robinson

Excellent standard of care. Staff very amicable. Very pleased with results.

Jacqueline Christmas

Great location, service and result of the treatment. Highly recommended.

Olga Kozobina

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