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Non-Surgical Penoplasty

The London Cosmetic Clinic, Harley Street, now offers non-surgical penoplasty. Non-surgical Penoplasty is a non-invasive penis enlargement treatment that involves injecting Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel to increase the girth and length of the penis.

Are you constantly embarrassed by the size of your penis to the extent that it has affected your relationships and self-esteem?

You no longer need to worry because there is a treatment that can take away your penile size issues. Here at London Cosmetic Clinic, our expert cosmetic doctors will examine your penile condition and carefully augment the girth and length of your penis through injection of  Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel. We will help you achieve a fuller and longer and younger looking penis at a lower cost and with a safer procedure.

You might have heard of a frightening penis enlargement surgery. However, for someone who can’t take the risk of surgery or would prefer to avoid surgery for personal reasons, non-surgical penoplasty offers you a safe and reliable penis enlargement treatment. Aside from that, surgical penis enlargement may quickly affect the penis’s ability to erect during sexual intercourse.

The non-surgical penoplasty is very safe, has a high success rate, is minimally invasive and less painful. It is a fast procedure with low downtime. Unlike surgical penoplasty, the non-surgical treatment doesn’t obstruct your sexual life. Within a few days, you are back to your normal sexual activities.

The procedure lasts for about half an hour. A local anaesthetic will be administered before the filler is injected into your penis shaft. We dispense Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel with an innovative procedure without obstructing the natural feel of the original tissues in your penis.

The amount of filler injected will depend on your current size and the amount of increase you desire. In the end, you will be left with an aesthetically appealing bigger penis, both in the flaccid and erect condition.

The appearance of your penis and how long the result lasts depend on the expertise of the doctor and the product used. As such, you should get your non-surgical penoplasty done by experts. The procedure results in a 20- 30 per cent increase in the size of your penis.

The Hyaluronic gel is a pure cross-linked gel with a track record of success in tissue disintegration and also dissolvable. We will use STYLAGE® L made by Vivacy, a French laboratory for the penoplasty procedure. With this high-quality product, you can expect an immediate increase in the volume of your penis and the result may last months.

Non-Surgical Penoplasty Procedure

Before the treatment, we offer consultation twice to discuss your current penile status and needs. We will perform a medical examination and measure your penis to avoid contradiction. We carry out four measurements.

We will determine the length of your penis by measuring your penis from the base to the penile meat. We will also measure the penis in the flaccid state, semi-erectile state and erectile state( you will have to do this by yourself at home).

The consultation will also allow us to determine the unit of filler required, the type of filler and how you will be peculiarly treated.

On the day of your appointment, a local anaesthetic will be administered before starting the injection. We make use of FDA-approved Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel as opposed to fat injection, which may result in permanent penile deformity.

The amount of injection to be administered depends on the volume you desire. It ranges from five syringes upward. As such, this may affect cost.

Prior the treatment, topical and local anaesthetic will be applied and injected with very minimal discomfort. Therefore, you will feel painless during the treatment.

The injection of Hyalironic acid filler will be slowly administered into the skin of your penis with a cannula. The infusion takes about 15-20 minutes.

Immediately after the injection, we will thoroughly massage the penis to distribute the gel into the penis tissues evenly.

The result of penis enlargement through Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel is immediate. You can see the difference immediately.

You should follow our outpatient instructions closely. You can clean the penis usually after one day. Based on our instructions, gently massage it with cream after two to three days.

The procedure does not affect your ability to urinate immediately after the process. The injection will not affect your sexual performance and wouldn’t obstruct your blood vessels and surrounding nerves.

The great thing about non-surgical Penoplasty is that if you wish to return your penis to its former size, we can easily do that without a surgical procedure.

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