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Causes of saggy skin and quick ways to tighten it with nonsurgical treatments

Published on: April 26, 2022

Suddenly developing saggy skin is not quite a good one, as it is not in any way fun to watch your once firm and youthful skin start to get loose due to one reason or another.  However, it is not in any way harmful, you may just not like the outlook on your appearance. You may tend to lose your confidence due to saggy skin, as you won’t be able to show off those parts of your body especially if it is not because of old age.

Yes, some circumstances can cause the skin to become saggy aside from old age. This article would be nailing the causes of saggy skin as well as some quick ways to tighten loose skin without having to go through surgery.

What is saggy skin?

From a literal meaning, when something is saggy, it simply means it has become loose or it has lost its firmness. So, saggy skin is loose skin. A saggy skin loses its definition due to a lack or inadequacy of collagen and elastin which are the primary factors that enable the skin to be firm and even maintain its firmness after contracting or stretching. Loose skin mostly manifests on the face, thighs, arms, legs and stomach.


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What causes loose skin?

Various circumstances surround getting loose skin. While some are natural that can not be prevented, some are caused by our actions or lifestyle.


Aging is the most common cause of loose skin which of course, can not be avoided or prevented in any way. As we grow older, the compounds (collagen and elastin) that keep the body firm fail to do their job. Nope, it is none of their fault, they just age as your body ages. That explains the fact why you see wrinkles on older citizens’ faces and bodies. You can not prevent this, however, it can be maintained for it to be less severe.

Weight Loss 

If you suddenly shed some weight or you are looking forward to embarking on a weight loss journey, then you should also be ready to deal with some loose skin that comes with it. It is common to experience sagging skin after weight loss. If you lose a significant amount of weight like 100pounds or more, there would be a visible amount of saggy skin afterwards, especially if the rate at which the fat came off is fast. Pregnant women also experience this during pregnancy or postpartum, especially on their belly.

Sun exposure

Yes! Your dermatologists do not just want to sell products when they keep yelling that you should wear sunscreen every day. It is more for your good than theirs. Constant exposure to the sun affects your skin elasticity at a faster rate, even more than aging. The damage from the sun which is caused by UVA/UVB radiation can affect your skin’s DNA, and mutate it. This can then lead to the premature death of cells. 


Smokers are not only liable to die young, but they also destroy a lot of things in their bodies before that; part of which is the skin. Part of the things that trigger the destruction of collagen and elastin is tobacco smoke, as it contains more than 4,000 chemicals. So, a smoker or someone who is always around smoke is liable to shed weight which results in saggy skin.


Can you tighten saggy skin?

If you are a victim of any of the aforementioned causes of loose skin and you are deep in thoughts as to whether there is a solution to tighten your skin, the answer is yes. There is not only one way, there are several ways. However, there are some natural and quick ways to tighten saggy skin on various parts of the body without surgeries.


How to tighten skin on the face without surgery 


FaceTite is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that uses both fat reduction and skin tightening techniques to lift the facial skin.  It is a safe alternative to facelift surgery. It targets wrinkles and saggy facial and neck skin. FaceTite technology is safe and it involves a very easy process. It doesn’t take more than an hour as long as you get it done by qualified cosmetic doctors. Despite being a non-surgical procedure, you can expect results similar to a surgical facelift.


Natural skin tightening techniques


This includes facial yoga, intake of supplements, face masks, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and getting enough rest. You can also use facial moisturizers that contain collagen peptides. However, these home remedies may take time before you see any significant results.


How to tighten skin on the stomach without surgery

  • Get a laser skin tightening  treatment 
  • Get radiofrequency  treatment


How to tighten saggy buttocks without surgery 

How to tighten saggy skin on thighs

When there is excessive fatty tissue on the thigh, cellulite appears, and this is more common in women than men. It is also referred to as ‘dimpled skin’. Cellulite and loose skin on the thighs can be considered normal because it is common in most adult women’s bodies. However, if you would like to get rid of them, you may try;

  • Exercises such as squats, and lunges.
  • Radiofrequency  treatment
  • Frequent massage
  • Healthy and balanced diet


How to tighten loose skin on arms naturally 

  • Engage in Yoga
  • Swim more
  • Consistently perform arm exercises 
  • Get a Laser skin therapy
  • You can also try skin fillers such as botox, radiesse, and Restylane

How to tighten loose legs naturally

Most of the remedies that work for saggy skin on the thigh area would most definitely work through to the legs. Exercises to tighten loose skin on the legs can be deduced from those that work for the thighs as well as the buttocks.

How to tighten skin after weight loss

  • Consume nutrients such as protein, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, and water.
  • Use firming creams.
  • Radiofrequency treatment.
  • Consistent exercising.
  • Collagen supplements.

General body skin tightening home remedies

This involves the consistent application of the following home ingredients to the affected area.

    • Coconut oil 
    • Mustard oil 
    • Olive oil
  • Fish oil supplements
  • Almond oil 
  • Aloe vera gel

Final words

Saggy skin is not doom, you can still regain your skin elasticity. While home remedies may take a while before you see changes, you can explore a safe and fast professional treatment. At the London cosmetic clinic, we offer varieties of non-surgical skin tightening treatments. Our qualified cosmetic experts are always available to discuss your skin concerns and suitable skin tightening treatment for you.


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I'm so pleased I found The London Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Johnson was incredibly informative and professional and I've seen a difference after only one treatment! Big thank you to Rahena too who was super helpful and helped put my fears to ease!

Zoe E

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