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Is a PDO thread lift really worth it?

Published on: January 22, 2021

Are you feeling like the years are taking their toll on your facial appearance? Maybe you’re at a time in your life where you need a little extra helping hand for your skin, or you just feel like you want to rejuvenate your looks. Many opt for surgical intervention, which, although usually very effective for certain candidates, can be costly, not only financially, but in terms of the amount of recovery, one has to go through and the discomfort and inconvenience of post-surgical trauma to the skin.

At The London Cosmetic Clinic, here in Harley Street, London, we offer the very best in non-surgical solutions to facial ageing which are clinically-proven to provide long-term results, without the need for surgery. One such treatment is PDO thread lifting, which has come under scrutiny in recent years for various reasons. So is a PDO thread lift worth it? And could it make a difference to you?

Firstly, let’s explain what a PDO thread lift is.

A PDO thread lift uses bio-absorbable suture threads, which are inserted into specific depths and areas of the skin, in order to offer a facelifting effect. This provides both an immediate lifting and tightening and then a gradual skin improvement, as the procedure encourages the production of collagen and elastin, following the trauma to the skin tissues, which is caused by this treatment. At The London Cosmetic Clinic, we use the highest quality ‘Mint’ PDO thread, an FDA-approved, strong-moulded, 100% absorbable thread. There are no cuts, no stitching and only a local anaesthetic is required for this treatment.

Why have PDO threads been given a bad rap?

Over the years, many PDO threads have fallen under scrutiny, as some have been found to be less effective than others. When inserted incorrectly, either too deeply or into shallow areas of the skin tissues, they can be completely ineffective and can even ‘pop out’ from the skin, or worse, affect facial components such as blood vessels, nerves ligaments and veins. This is why it is vital to choose your PDO specialist with care and only enlist the services of a fully qualified and highly-trained individual for your PDO thread lift, such as our team here at The London Cosmetic Clinic. A good PDO thread lift will work wonders for your facial appearance and inner-confidence, but it has to be conducted by a medical professional in a safe and clinical environment. When it comes to your looks, don’t cut corners, only choose the very best.

What effects can a PDO thread lift have on the skin and facial contours?

  • Heart-shaped facial contour and a lifted cheek effect
  • Exotic, ‘cat-eye’ contour
  • A more defined jawline
  • Softer, reduced smile lines
  • Lifted and softer eyebrows
  • Smoother neck lines

When is the right time to have a thread-lifting treatment?

If you are between the ages of 30 and 60, you may be experiencing moderate to more advanced facial ageing. This could be the perfect time to undergo a PDO thread lift. However, it’s important to have a pre-treatment consultation with one of our specialist doctors, before deciding whether this treatment would be right for you. Some of our more mature patients with extreme facial ageing might be more suited to a procedure such as facelifting surgery; however, we can advise this upon consultation and will always recommend what we believe would yield the very best results for your facial concerns. We will also check your medical history, to ensure that a PDO thread lift will be a safe and suitable option, if appropriate.

Where on the face and body PDO threads be applied?

PDO threads are extremely versatile and can be inserted into many areas of the face, neck, and body areas, such as the knees, elbows, and décolletage. In fact, anywhere where you may be noticing loose, crêpey and sagging skin can benefit from PDO thread-lifting.

Does PDO thread-lifting hurt?

As with any non-surgical treatment which requires the use of needles to inject substances in to the deeper layers of the skin, there may be some slight discomfort, tugging and pulling sensations, during a PDO thread-lifting procedure; however, with the use of highly-effective topical anaesthetic creams and the more advanced techniques and modern products such as Mint PDO Threads, any discomfort should be very minimal.

What aftercare do I need to follow after a Mint PDO thread lifting treatment at The London Cosmetic Clinic?

Recovery from a PDO thread lift is far quicker than that of surgery, however, there are some simple instructions that you will need to follow, immediately and in the weeks that follow your procedure…

  • Do not touch the treated area for 4 hours, following the procedure.
  • Avoid sleeping on the treated area for three nights.
  • If you experience some bruising, apply some arnica gel, a few times a day (this can be bought from any good pharmacy)
  • Do not undergo any further facial procedures for 4 weeks after your PDO thread lift. You can then plan other facial treatments, except for laser treatments. These, you can discuss with your practitioner and plan accordingly.
  • Avoid excessively strenuous exercise and warming of the face for at least 2 weeks after your treatment (this includes avoiding hot baths, saunas and steam).

When will I see the results?

A PDO thread lift will offer significant results straight away, and you’ll notice a tightening and lifting of the skin. However, it will take around two weeks for the collagen production to start to get going, and this is when you will see an improvement of the skin’s tone, texture and overall quality.

How long do the results last?

The great news is that PDO thread lifting can offer more long-term results, depending on your age and how your skin responds to treatment. Some of our patients enjoy results for up to 2 years before they need to return for another treatment. As our PDO threads are fully absorbable, there will be no issue in having top-up treatments after this time. PDO threads won’t stop the ageing process, but they will enhance the facial features and help to tighten and tone your skin, as well as reduce certain lines and wrinkles.

So, is a PDO thread lift really worth it? Let’s summarise –

• A fast in-clinic, walk-in-walk-out treatment
• No scalpel cuts and no stitches
• Minimal downtime
• Instant and long-term results
• Back to work almost immediately
• Absorbable- no product left within the skin tissues
• Affordable in comparison to a surgical facelift

For your no-obligation medical consultation with one of our PDO thread specialist doctors, contact the clinic today and realise your dreams of a fresher and more youthful facial appearance, without invasive surgery.


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