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Our post lockdown anti-ageing guide

Published on: May 11, 2021

It’s been said that the majority of us feel as though we have aged five years in the last year.

With clinics closed or offering a reduced service, and our favourite skin treatments and procedures unavailable and with the stress, worry and upheaval of lockdown, our complexions have been through a lot! Here at The London Cosmetic Clinic in Harley Street, London, we have put together a list of top tips to get your skin back on track and help you look younger and feel amazing, ready for the summer ahead and for life getting back to normal again.

It’s not news to us that a healthy lifestyle can make a massive difference to the tone, texture and quality of our skin. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet, drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly can contribute to vibrant, glowing skin. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and excessive sun exposure can have devastating effects on our skin. Therefore, being sensible about what you do for your face and body day-in-day-out will help keep your skin looking vibrant and hydrated.

Injectable treatments

Botox® (anti-wrinkle injections), dermal fillers and injectable skin boosters, such as Profhilo®, are quick to administer by an experienced medical professional with visible results in as little as a day or so to a few weeks and can last months. Botox® acts to temporarily relax the muscles, which cause dynamic wrinkles and expression lines and is arguably the most popular injectable skin treatment around. It takes a few days to see the optimum results and last anything from 3 to 8 months.

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances containing hyaluronic acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring substance within the skin and depletes as we age. HA is responsible for cushioning and hydrating the skin, so when injected into various layers of the skin, dermal fillers can plump, fill, add volume, lift and even sculpt the facial contours for a more youthful, healthy and vibrant appearance. Dermal fillers come in a range of viscosities for various indications. For example, for under-eye bags, a more fluid injectable would be required, due to the delicacy of the skin in this area, whereas for jawline contouring, a thicker gel would be required to offer a sculpting scaffold-effect for the skin. Dermal fillers are hugely popular to offer full facelifting effects without invasive surgical measures.

Skin boosters are revolutionary substances that actually help the skin repair itself from within. Unlike traditional dermal fillers, which tend to be used in specific areas of the face, skin boosters and re-modellers can be used all over the face for a complete skin revitalisation treatment. A course is usually recommended for optimum results; a product such as Profhilo® needs to be administered in two sessions, with a month in-between treatments and a potential third treatment for very age-affected skin. Results from skin boosters can last anything from 6 months to a year and can significantly improve overall skin texture, tone, laxity, lines, and wrinkles.


Want instant results from your facial procedure? At The London Cosmetic Clinic, we offer PDO thread-lifting to lift and tighten facial skin affected by the ageing process. The treatment involves the injection of suture-like threads under the skin in several facial areas to not only physically lift the skin but to offer collagenesis (the production of new collagen) in the weeks that follow your procedure. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and, unlike invasive surgery, does not require a general anaesthetic or significant downtime or recovery period. We use Mint PDO threads here at The London Cosmetic Clinic, and the results are immediate. You do not have to wait weeks and months to see improvements. Mint PDO threads can offer the following benefits:-

  • Heart-shaped, higher cheekbone contour
  • Exotic, cat eye contour
  • Snatched, defined jawline
  • Softer smile lines
  • Softer eyebrows
  • Smoother necklines

Morpheus8 radiofrequency and medical microneedling

Morpheus 8 is one of our newest treatments here at The London Cosmetic Clinic, which offers a combination between RF technology and fractional micro pins (medical microneedling). The micro-pins create tiny injuries to the skin, stimulating a natural healing response, including the production of new collagen and elastin fibres which in-turn, tighten and smooth the skin, resulting in a healthier tone and texture, improved skin laxity and reduced fine lines and wrinkles. As Morpheus8 offers a powerful treatment deep within the dermis, it can help to break down scar tissue and assist the skin in becoming more resilient, plump and hydrated. A course of treatment may be required for optimum results. However, most patients report significant improvement in their skin tone and texture after just one treatment.

It’s fair to say that we are all keen to get our lives back on track after the year we have all had, and for many of us, this means getting our skin back in tip-top condition, so we can feel confident and look amazing when we can finally see our family, friends and loved ones. At The London Cosmetic Clinic, we can use our expertise in skin health, along with our cutting-edge technologies and techniques, to help you to achieve your skincare goals and get back to looking great and feeling fabulous!


Incredibly happy with my gummy smile fix. It was my first time getting a cosmetic procedure and the LCC made me feel incredibly comfortable. Thank-you to Dr Johnson who walked me through the procedure ( which was incredibly fast and pain free!) and a massive thank you to Rahena! Your customer service was exceptional and made me feel really assured and comfortable. Will definitely be recommending the LCC to everyone. Incredibly professional and well priced clinic. I can already see a difference in my smile!

Sahiba Majeed

I'm so pleased I found The London Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Johnson was incredibly informative and professional and I've seen a difference after only one treatment! Big thank you to Rahena too who was super helpful and helped put my fears to ease!

Zoe E

I came in to enquire about Botox, I spoke to Rahena who gave me so much information.


Dr. Salinda Johnson and her team are excellent and highly accomplished. She maintains the highest standards in aesthetic treatments and techniques, and consequently I trust her completely and know that she will always offer the best advice, and provide the most appropriate treatments. Her expertise is admirable.
The team are friendly, efficient and helpful and always put patients at ease
Practitioners of Aesthetic Dermatology In London abound , but The London Cosmetic Clinic has the expertise and patient care which puts it top of the list

Marlene Robinson

Excellent standard of care. Staff very amicable. Very pleased with results.

Jacqueline Christmas

Great location, service and result of the treatment. Highly recommended.

Olga Kozobina

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