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Safe and effective ways to get rid of skin scars quickly

Published on: April 12, 2022

Body scars can make you think twice about your existence. They keep you wondering, ‘what’s all these on my body?’ ‘Why can’t my skin just be flawless?’ They make you want to cover up all of your being to avoid awkward looks from people and unnecessary questions you would feel too irritated by to answer.

In the course of this article, we’ll be looking at the types of scars there are and the possible ways to remove them.


Types of scars


Scars can appear in various forms, depending on their causes. These scar types are:

  • Scar contractures

This is a scar type that results from a contractile wound healing process. They are often caused by burns, leading the skin to shrink with movement restrictions.

  • Keloid scars

Excess collagen in the skin causes these scars to form during wound healing. Keloid scars are elevated scars that are pink, red, or the same color as the surrounding skin.

  • Pitted or sunken scars

Pitted scars, also known as atrophic or ice pick, are the names of scars left behind after an initial skin condition such as chickenpox and acne.

  • Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars occur when extra connective tissue arises within the initial wound area due to an aberrant wound healing response, which results in a raised scar.

  • Normal fine-line scars

Following a wound or surgery, fine-line scars are typical. They’re normally not painful, but they can be itchy for a while.


How to remove scars naturally


You are the sole determinant of your body. Do you love your scars or despise them so much that you can’t stand looking at them in the mirror. Well, the good news is, whatever your decision is, some remedies could help you get rid of them. Some of these remedies are:


Use of honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil


Virtually all homes have a bottle or jar of honey, either in their fridge or somewhere in their cupboards. According to recent research, honey can speed up the process of wound healing, thereby reducing the likelihood of having scars.

On the other hand, according to research, Aloe vera has shown that its application can reduce inflammation and scar tissue size.

Coconut oil, due to its natural healing properties, hastens up wound healing and prevents the onset of body scars.


       The sad part is that natural remedies may not be too effective, and they may even cause skin damage if the skin is allergic to some of the home remedies.


How to remove scars professionally.


Unlike natural or home remedies, removing body scars professionally is safer and even more effective. Common professional scar treatments include:

  • Corticosteroid injections

Corticosteroid injections, also known as steroid injections, are anti-inflammatory medicines used to treat a range of conditions. Corticosteroid injections are used to treat hypertrophic scars or keloids.

For the corticosteroid injection treatment, only a couple of injections are administered, and treatments are spaced several weeks apart, so it can take some time to see a noticeable difference.

  • Dermal filler injections

Dermal fillers are another magnificent way to relive scars professionally. Dermal filler is a hyaluronic filler injection best used for atrophic and rolling scars. Dermal filler injections are used to raise indentations in the skin left by scars.

  • IPL treatments

IPL treatment means Internal Pulsed Light treatment, and it can also be referred to as photo facial.

Regardless of the origin of keloids and hypertrophic scars, IPL has shown to be very effective in improving their appearances.

IPL treatments can also improve the appearance of scars and encourage the skin to heal itself with just a few treatments.

This treatment uses light, and the varying light waves cause a thermoreaction in the skin that can cauterize broken blood vessels and therefore help to fade red-tinged scars and improve skin tone and texture.

  • Chemical peel

This is a scar treatment option you should never decide to do yourself. Don’t think because you can easily get chemical peel OTC (Over The Counter) and use them as you like. I’m saying that it might be the worst decision you could ever make.

Just LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS, however desperate you may be.

Chemical peels enhance the appearance of body scars by removing the outer layer of old skin with a chemical solution. Depending on the the scar depth, a carefully balanced chemical peel is applied to the skin to encourage it to shed the first few layers of skin and reveal the fresher, more even skin underneath. This again will take a little while as the dead skin needs to shed itself, heal and then produce new skin cells.

This is a permanent scar removal method and is capable of removing old scars 

  • Treatment with Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is a nonsurgical technique for advanced needling. A Morpheus8 therapy induces collagen production by using radiofrequency to tighten and smooth body scars.

In the Morpheus8 treatment process, a unique handpiece is slid over the scarred skin, which further causes micro-wounds beneath the skin surface to aid in the healing process. This combination technology initiates a series of naturally existing healing processes; cells swiftly rejuvenate and start forming new tissues, including collagen.

  • Subcision for atrophic and acne scars

This is a very minor surgical procedure or treatment that comes in very handy in treating indented scars. An anesthetic is administered to reduce the pain, while a special needle punctures the skin surface. Fibrotic strands tethering the scars to underlying tissues are released, causing cosmetic improvement of the scar.


         Body scars are always a mood changer; they never make you look good or happy when you stare at your mirror reflection. This is why The London Cosmetic Clinic offers medically researched and approved treatment, using a premium quality medication, products, and equipment to provide long-lasting professional treatments to your scar worries.

There is a wide range of services that are not limited to scar treatments but also general skin rejuvenation and various nonsurgical treatments.



Incredibly happy with my gummy smile fix. It was my first time getting a cosmetic procedure and the LCC made me feel incredibly comfortable. Thank-you to Dr Johnson who walked me through the procedure ( which was incredibly fast and pain free!) and a massive thank you to Rahena! Your customer service was exceptional and made me feel really assured and comfortable. Will definitely be recommending the LCC to everyone. Incredibly professional and well priced clinic. I can already see a difference in my smile!

Sahiba Majeed

I'm so pleased I found The London Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Johnson was incredibly informative and professional and I've seen a difference after only one treatment! Big thank you to Rahena too who was super helpful and helped put my fears to ease!

Zoe E

I came in to enquire about Botox, I spoke to Rahena who gave me so much information.


Dr. Salinda Johnson and her team are excellent and highly accomplished. She maintains the highest standards in aesthetic treatments and techniques, and consequently I trust her completely and know that she will always offer the best advice, and provide the most appropriate treatments. Her expertise is admirable.
The team are friendly, efficient and helpful and always put patients at ease
Practitioners of Aesthetic Dermatology In London abound , but The London Cosmetic Clinic has the expertise and patient care which puts it top of the list

Marlene Robinson

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