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Kenalog Injections for Hay Fever Relief

Published on: August 14, 2017

Hay fever is one of the most common allergies in the UK and can really put a dampener on the summer months. As well as sneezing, it can also cause a sore, itchy throat, a blotchy face, running eyes and congestion. At the London Cosmetic Clinic in Knightsbridge we now offer Kenalog hay fever injections to relieve hay fever sufferers of their symptoms.

Kenalog injections are a form of corticosteroid that contains triamcinolone. As the symptoms of hay fever are caused by the body releasing histamines and other inflammatory chemicals as a reaction to pollen and seasonal allergens, the triamcinolone suppresses this and the effects last for the entire pollen season.

Prior to your treatment you will have a free consultation with us where we will discuss your medical background, the severity of your hay fever and the possible results. The Kenalog hay fever treatment is injected into one of your buttocks as it is an intra-muscle injection and we advise that you keep the area clean and do not touch the needle entry point for four hours post-treatment. This is to minimise any risk of infection.

To avoid the risk of any complications, we do ask that you are open with us about any medical history such as diabetes or cold sores. If you suffer from hay fever but find that traditional medication is not having an effect or are tired of taking hay fever medication every day, contact us today and book your free consultation for our Kenalog hay fever treatment.