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Removing Thread Veins with Ellipse IPL Treatment

Published on: June 5, 2015

A large percentage of the population have broken capillaries in their face which can give an uneven and ruddy, flushed appearance. This can vary greatly in severity from small patches of individual thread veins to port wine stains and other large birthmarks and, whether it is a small or large affected area, these can make people feel very self-conscious. Some people choose to hide thread veins with makeup but darker, more clustered areas can be difficult to cover up and it can be tiring trying to constantly camouflage your skin.

At the London Cosmetic Clinic we use Ellipse IPL treatment to safely and effectively remove thread veins from skin. This involves using impulsed light to close down the broken vein, therefore stopping any redness caused by blood flow to those veins and encouraging the skin to heal itself. IPL treatment decreases the size of thread veins and makes some disappear completely as well as improving your skin’s texture and decreasing pore size so your complexion is left looking younger, fresher, brighter and rejuvenated. It may take between 1 to 4 sessions to see a noticeable improvement but these sessions take just 10 to 20 minutes.

Our highly qualified specialist will assess your skin prior to treatment. You may feel a slight burning sensation after the treatment but you can use aloe vera gel to cool and soothe. If you require more than one session then your subsequent treatments will be spaced a month apart and during this time it is advised that you look after your skin. In the space of just a few months your face, neck and chest can be free of thread veins and look clearer and smoother.


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