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Bodyshock® celluxpert


A revitalizing cream-gel with Caffeine, Brassica Alba, and Capsaicin to combat cellulite and enhance silhouette. The roll-on spheres ensure effective absorption, providing immediate refreshment and targeting orange peel skin for a smoother appearance.



Cellulite Correction Cream-Gel: A state-of-the-art formula designed to address the common skin concerns caused by cellulite. This cream-gel combines the potency of Caffeine, Brassica Alba extract, and Capsaicin to provide an invigorating stimulation that aids in refining the body’s silhouette. Further enriched with Arnica extract and organic silicon, it enhances skin firmness while reducing the prominence of orange peel skin. The unique roll-on spheres applicator ensures optimal product distribution, facilitating better absorption and offering an immediate cooling and invigorating sensation.


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