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Bodyshock® firm’ up


A potent firming cream with firmware complex™ and African Kigelia extract, tailored to target saggy areas. Paired with a massage roller for enhanced application, it hydrates and provides an immediate tightening effect.



Firming Restructuring Cream: Elevate your skin’s elasticity with this robust firming cream enriched with the firmware complex™, a powerful blend of caffeine and L-carnitine, encapsulated in liposomes. Complemented by the African Kigelia extract, this cream imparts tightness to sag-prone areas like arms, buttocks, and breasts. The innovative molecular film, consisting of amino acids and proteins, hydrates and offers an instant lift. Paired with a massage roller, this formula ensures easy application and enhances the efficacy of active ingredients, leaving the skin feeling invigorated and refreshed.


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