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bodyshock® intensive mist


An advanced body mist formulated with [meso] adipoactive complex™, milk thistle, caffeine, and Arnica to visibly reduce cellulite. Lightweight and perfect for pre-exercise use. Can cause a temporary warming or tingling sensation, indicating active ingredient effectiveness.



Intensive Action Body Mist: Revolutionize your body care routine with this potent mist enriched with the [meso] adipoactive complex™. Paired with milk thistle extract, caffeine, and Arnica extract, this mist effectively targets and reduces the visible signs of cellulite. The lightweight formula and mist application make it an ideal companion for pre-exercise routines. When used in conjunction with the other bodyshock range products, the treatment’s efficacy is heightened. With active ingredients designed to stimulate and tone, some may experience a warm or tingling sensation post-application, indicating the product’s action. This temporary sensation varies among individuals and is a testament to the product’s potency, not an adverse reaction.


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