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Dermamelan® treatment


Dermamelan Treatment is a home-use cream designed to address melanic skin blemishes on the face. Acting as a perfect companion to the in-clinic dermamelan method, it reduces spots and acts as a preventive measure. To ensure optimal results, use post the in-clinic dermamelan treatment. Discover more about the professional dermamelan treatment here.



Dermamelan Treatment Home Cream: This is a specialized cream formulated to reduce and manage melanic pigmentation imperfections specifically on the face. It serves as an essential follow-up to the in-clinic dermamelan method, ensuring the optimal attenuation of skin blemishes. With consistent use, this treatment not only diminishes spots but also offers a preventive measure against their future appearance.

For the most effective depigmentation outcomes, it’s pivotal to utilize the mesoestetic dermamelan treatment cream post the in-clinic dermamelan procedure.


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