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Ha densimatrix


An intensive serum utilizing diverse hyaluronic acid structures for deep, multi-level hydration. Enriched with protective and age-defying complexes, it ensures skin resilience, plumpness, and firmness suitable for all skin types.



Intense Hydrating Concentrate: A potent serum that harnesses the power of varied molecular structures of hyaluronic acid to penetrate multiple skin layers, offering anti-aging, plumping, and filling benefits. Suitable for all skin types.

Layered Hydration: Featuring the ha densimatrix complex, this concentrate is a blend of various HA forms (cross-linked, high, medium, and low) ensuring enduring and profound hydration.

Defensive Shield: The anti-hyaluronidase complex acts as a guardian, safeguarding against HA breakdown and neutralizing the damage from external factors.

Tightening & Age-Defying Benefits: The antiaging pro complex stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, granting the skin enhanced firmness and suppleness.


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