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Pigment Solution – PIH, Melasma and Pigmentation


Our pigment solution offers a cutting-edge approach to melasma and hyperpigmentation by blending three innovative skin technologies. The patented PPT6® addresses inflammation and rejuvenates both dermal and epidermal layers. AA Clear breaks down melanin deposits, ensuring their elimination, while ingredients like niacinamide and linoleic acid target melanin production and free radicals.

This hydroquinone-free formula is an exceptional remedy for uneven skin tones, dark spots, and acne scars, ensuring a clearer, even-toned complexion.



Our pigment solution is a multi-technology approach to melasma and hyper- pigmentation. It is a combination of three different skin technologies. The first is our patented active ingredient PPT6®, which helps to reduce one of the leading causes of hyper-pigmentation – inflammation, as well as providing growth factors that promote healing of the dermal and epidermal matrix.

The second ingredient is AA Clear, the first of its kind in a pigment product, which works by breaking down melanin deposits into amino acids which are then removed by our body. This also contains well established ingredients for the treatment of hyper-pigmentation and melasma, such as niacinamide and linoleic acid which serve to inhibit tyrosinase and melanin transfer, as well as working to quench free radicals that contribute to tyrosinase activity.

Hydroquinone-free and inhibits melanin production with a mix of powerful actives
Works as a superior treatment for uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation
Treats dark spots, acne scarring and restores even, clear skin


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