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Why hair loss transplants in London are so popular

Published on: June 8, 2020

Male and female pattern baldness is a condition that affects up to 50% of men by the time they reach the age of 50 and, surprisingly, up to 30% of women. There are many contributing factors to male and female hair loss which include genetics, some medications, stress and illness or trauma. Although there are now medications that can help to slow down hair loss, unfortunately, these will not restore any hair that was lost. London is a city where appearance and how the world sees you is on high agenda for many of its inhabitants and Londoners as well as those all over the UK have realised that hair loss needn’t be something that has to be suffered in silence or embarrassed about resolving. This is why so many are turning to the expertise of Dr Mark Tam at The London Cosmetic Clinic in Harley Street, the epicentre of cosmetic surgery, for a procedure called FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery, as a straightforward and highly successful treatment to effectively restore hair that is either receding or thinning.

What is FUE hair transplant surgery and am I suitable?

FUE is one of two newest techniques in less invasive hair transplantation than more traditional methods. It offers a permanent solution to hair loss with less downtime, no scarring and natural results. The regrowth rate can be 95% or higher with FUE, so it’s incredibly effective.

During the procedure, a tiny sub 1 mm instrument is used to lift out individual groups of between just 1 and 4 hair follicles from an area of the head where the hair is still actively growing (usually the back or the sides of the head). These healthy hairs are then transplanted back in to the areas where treatment is required, using an ultra-high powered stereo microscope. The hairs are replaced expertly at an angle which would mimic the natural growth of your hair, for the most natural-looking results possible. This is only achieved by highly-qualified and supremely experienced surgeons such as Dr Tam.

The entire treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic, which means that both the cost and risks associated with surgery that involves a general anaesthetic are greatly reduced; as well as the time it takes to perform the surgery. There is no pain involved and as you are not undergoing general anaesthetic, you can return home, the night of your surgery.

To know if you are suitable for FUE hair transplant surgery, Dr Tam will conduct a comprehensive initial consultation, where he will discuss your expectations and concerns, check your medical history and ensure that you are healthy and suitable for the procedure. At this point, if you are not considered suitable, Dr Tam can recommend alternative hair restoration treatments. If you are considered suitable, then a specific treatment plan will be created, bespoke to your individual needs and costs for treatment can also be disclosed.

Hair restoration surgery is far more effective and less invasive than years ago. It’s also more socially acceptable to address the issue of hair loss using methods such as FUE hair transplant surgery.

Dr. Tam is one of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons. In fact, the is so well respected that even his fellow cosmetic professionals, in need of hair transplant surgery, come to him for treatment, due to his excellent reputation, unsurpassed professionalism and of course, the superb results he achieves with this technique. From The London Cosmetic Clinic in Harley Street, Dr Tam and his team are on-hand at every step of your treatment journey, from an initial consultation, beyond the procedure to aftercare follow up appointments and advice.


Incredibly happy with my gummy smile fix. It was my first time getting a cosmetic procedure and the LCC made me feel incredibly comfortable. Thank-you to Dr Johnson who walked me through the procedure ( which was incredibly fast and pain free!) and a massive thank you to Rahena! Your customer service was exceptional and made me feel really assured and comfortable. Will definitely be recommending the LCC to everyone. Incredibly professional and well priced clinic. I can already see a difference in my smile!

Sahiba Majeed

I'm so pleased I found The London Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Johnson was incredibly informative and professional and I've seen a difference after only one treatment! Big thank you to Rahena too who was super helpful and helped put my fears to ease!

Zoe E

I came in to enquire about Botox, I spoke to Rahena who gave me so much information.


Dr. Salinda Johnson and her team are excellent and highly accomplished. She maintains the highest standards in aesthetic treatments and techniques, and consequently I trust her completely and know that she will always offer the best advice, and provide the most appropriate treatments. Her expertise is admirable.
The team are friendly, efficient and helpful and always put patients at ease
Practitioners of Aesthetic Dermatology In London abound , but The London Cosmetic Clinic has the expertise and patient care which puts it top of the list

Marlene Robinson

Excellent standard of care. Staff very amicable. Very pleased with results.

Jacqueline Christmas

Great location, service and result of the treatment. Highly recommended.

Olga Kozobina

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