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Cosmelan® cosmelan 2


Cosmelan 2 is a home-use cream tailored to diminish and manage melanic facial blemishes. It not only fades spots but also prevents their recurrence. Best results are achieved when used post in-clinic cosmelan treatment. Enhance texture, boost brightness, and unify skin tone for a refreshed look. Learn more about cosmelan treatment.



Cosmelan 2 Home Cream: Specifically designed for continuous attenuation and control of facial blemishes stemming from melanin. Not only does it lessen the appearance of spots, but it also regulates melanin production, ensuring long-term prevention of their return. It’s an essential component of the cosmelan® aesthetic-professional method to maximize depigmentation effects. Additionally, the cream uplifts skin texture, promotes brightness, and ensures a uniform skin tone, culminating in a noticeably youthful complexion.

For optimal results, it’s crucial to use the mesoestetic cosmelan 2 depigmentation cream only after undergoing the in-clinic cosmelan treatment.


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