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Hydra-vital light


A rejuvenating gel-cream delivering immediate and prolonged hydration. Fortified with reticulated HA for enhanced moisture, Urban D-Tox for protective defense, and botanical polysaccharides to reinforce the skin’s barrier, ensuring maximum moisture retention and defense against environmental aggressors.



Invigorating Moisture Gel-Cream: An exhilarating gel-cream that hydrates in the short and long run, shielding skin from external threats like pollution.

Instant & Sustained Hydration: Leveraging varied molecular weights of reticulated HA, this formulation imparts instant radiance and softness to the face, ensuring immediate moisture and staving off dehydration over time.

Defensive Against Pollutants & Oxidation: Enhanced with the biotechnological component, Urban D-Tox, this gel-cream not only forms a defensive layer against pollutant adherence but also combats oxidative stress, safeguarding the skin.

Skin Barrier Reinforcement: Enriched with a botanical polysaccharide, it promotes the creation of molecules vital for bolstering the skin’s barrier function, preventing the loss of moisture through the skin.


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