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Grascontrol® detox powder


Detoxify and refresh with Grascontrol Detox Powder. A 20-day detox solution with plant extracts that promotes diuresis, enhances digestion, and supports beneficial gut bacteria. Comes in a delectable mango flavor, vegan-friendly, and free from added sugars.



Grascontrol Detox Powder: Kickstart a healthier version of you with our 20-day detox plan. This special powder is formulated with a unique blend of plant extracts specifically chosen to help detoxify your body, eliminating waste metabolites and flushing out retained fluids. It doesn’t stop there – it aids in the digestion process, boosting metabolism of fats and proteins. Plus, its prebiotic properties encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria for a balanced gut. Easily dissolve the powder in water, and enjoy the refreshing mango flavor. Vegan-friendly and free from added sugars, it’s the perfect companion for your detox journey.


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