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Hydracream fusion


Balancing facial cream-oil designed for dry and sensitive skin, enriched with plant-based squalene for deep nourishment. It promotes skin’s microbial balance using Lactobacillus Ferment and provides robust defense against pollution and aging stressors with Urban D-tox.



Facial cream-oil that balances and combats pollution. It deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin, resulting in a velvety finish. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.

RICH & NOURISHING: Contains squalene, a plant-derived oil that resonates with the skin. It offers nourishment and enhances elasticity, seamlessly sinking into the skin without leaving a greasy feel.

BIOLOGICAL EQUILIBRIUM: Contains a post-biotic ingredient, Lactobacillus Ferment, derived from the fermentation of bacteria. It amplifies the skin’s microbiota balance, fortifying and maintaining the skin barrier in prime conditions. Each formulation boasts a mildly acidic pH to ensure balance, shielding the skin from harmful pathogens.

DEFENSE AGAINST POLLUTION: Contains Urban D-tox, a cutting-edge ingredient, which provides dual protection against pollution. It effectively removes pollutant particles and diminishes the oxidative stress that can hasten skin aging.


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